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Lonely in Gorgeous

PS Action: 1-2
quotes from Lonely in Gorgeous song (ost paradise kiss) - Tommy February6
FYI I love both the song and the anime ^^

my entry for BabyD challenge "We can Do it" about a strong female character.
Nana Ozaki is one of the main female character from NANA, She is the strong Nana (while the other one is weak)
at first I was going to use my most fav female character "Shuurei Kou" from anime saiunkoku monogatari. But then I recently in a mood where I am in a deep thought about everything that concerning with love. and then I recall again this Nana ozaki from NANA. there is no doubt that everyone who have read/watch this series will agree with me about how strong is she. the part of her that strong isn't her physical, it's her emotional.. her strength lays on her love for Ren.. I learned a lot about the strength of love from her love story. I have applied some of her love principle in my real relationship, and its what gave me much strength to face any difficulties.
her love for ren is not only strong but also real, she let her bf to go abroad to pursue his career and his dream, she support him through the distance, and even though there are some problem after they reunite with each other, her love for him wasn't weakened, instead, it was growing bigger. her love power was also the source power for her to keep moving forward until she could finally be able to meet with Ren again. and altough the latest chapter of this manga was so heartbreaking (plu s it is on hiatus now which is upsetting) I feel that she is such a strong female character, so I am sure she will be able to get through this difficult time.. I can't explain more about her strength, since her strength can only be seen by our feeling, not by our physical..
one of my favorite female character, she taught me a lot about what is the true power of love, n what makes woman really strong is accepting reality while hoping for the dream and imposibility to come true..

my favorite quotes from her
"I always thought that life was about standing your ground, no matter how strong the current was. But going with the flow isn't so bad after all. As long as it takes you forward."

I used the song "Lonely in Gorgeous" because this song also talk about the girl who acts strong despite her desperate feeling to be with her loved one.. it's perfect for Nana osaki character.

dedicated to you BabyD, Thank you for the invitation. I am so happy to be able to enter your awesome challenge :D
hope you like it ^^

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