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Since NieR is a sequel to ending D of Drakengard, I put this under the Drakengard category since I don't see a NieR one.

Did a card of the sisters in the game. I really like them then again I don't think there is anyone I don't really like in this game haha wait wait yes there is a whole town I don't like but I won't say what town since it's a spoiler. Well I mean it isn't a spoiler to name it, but my reasons are spoilerish. But back to these two...

Alot of times when I make cards I like to include a message that reference the character(s) on the card. So if I don't use a quote or lyric or something I like try to think of words that could sort of reflect the character that could also be send-able to someone too. With this one, I can't explain in depth because its spoilerish as well. XD It's bad enough if people pay attention to me about Emil (mostly on Tumblr) because most pictures of him I reblog and such is a HUGE spoiler. XDDD

Um, but yeah. Of course them being twin sisters who are close is noticeable, but there are little things too so if anyone played NieR might notice it. XDDDD I love doing that. I love putting little hidden meanings in my art. XDDD A lot of times I don't point it out, but I guess I wanted to point it out now.

And I made this card in celebration of the NieR New Project!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD I read there could be a possibility these two or one might show up in that game even though it isn't a direct sequel to the first one. XDDDD *insert extreme fangirlisms*

Original Image: x

Textures: Triangles

Music Motivation: MONACA's "Song of the Ancients" - Fate / Devola / Popola

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Square Enix.

Thanks for viewing & have lovely day~ I'll catch up with you all over the course of days and such. *nods*

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Devola, NieR, Popola
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