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Fox On Roger
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Fox tilted her head back in the sun. Her small green oak leaf mark on her left cheek crinkled with her contented smile. The cool spring wind gently swept across the meadow, blowing her long lightly golden, white creamy hair out behind her in long curtains. She was on top of the world, inflated with life and future to come. Well Fox was actually on top of a wooly mammoth, who seemed out of place in the warm grassy meadow. His dark brown shaggy coat was long as it smoothed over his body and hung far below in big tangles. It was so tangled you could say it was a squirrel’s nest, the sad part was that there really was a family of squirrels that lived there. They were good friends with the mammoth and some of the young ones were running around on his head and back behind his ear. Irritated with the youngsters he shook his head making his enormous ears flop around. “Wwhoommp.” The mammoth’s huge ear landed on top of Fox who was trying to climb up his neck. “Hey! Who turned out the lights?” Fox cried in a muffled voice. A deep rumble like a waterfall vibrated her whole body followed by high pitched chittering. “Hey, are you guys laughing at me?” Fox asked as she tried to push the giant ear off of her. “You know you could fit three of me under here and still be hidden.” She went on as she gave the ear a kick. “You probably could little one, be gentle now my ear may not be pointed like yours but they feel in the same way.” The mammoth rumbled. Fox poked her head out above his ear just behind his head, her elegant pointed ears moved when she grinned and her dark green eyes sparkled with mirth. “But they’re a whole lot smaller.” She said as she wiggled out onto the top on his where she sat cross-legged. She grabbed some hair to keep her balance as the mammoth continued his slow walk. His gait was side to side with great swaying motions. He rolled his eyes up to see Fox but saw nothing, because even mammoth’s eyes can’t see like that. He liked to see who he was talking to. “Fox shouldn’t you be at the palace?” he asked. Fox tugged at her green tunic and answered, “Why should I always have to be at the palace? It’s not like I work there.” “Ah. Playing hokey again are you? Your parents will be in a rage when they find you gone again.” The mammoth said. “Oh, for goodness sake Roger, Why can’t I have I break once in a while? Grumpy old Gnat only teaches me boring stuff.” Fox said holding her nose up in the air. “You mean he doesn’t teach you what you want to learn.” Roger stated, he had had this conversation many times with Fox. “Exactly! Why is other-worldly history forbidden? I don’t see anything wrong with them.” Fox said, thoughtfully adding, “They’re fine as bedtime stories but if you want to learn if they are real of not you run into a wall.” Roger wiggled one of his ears. Fox reached over and gave him a scratch behind it. “Well I shouldn’t be missed for some time so let’s get going!” Fox straightened up smiling. “That’s easy for you to say, you’re not the one walking.” Roger grumbled under his breath. Fox smiled and pretended not to hear. She had the whole afternoon to have fun and no one find her missing for a long time. ______________________ my orginal story and characters please ask permission to use. i'm no writer so please no fussing on the writing. done in prismacolor pens and pencils.colorless blender Enjoy!!

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
elf, fox, magicfingers, squirrel, wooly mammoth
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