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Avenafiel Langstein and Usagi Tsukino (for Sailor Moon fan comic)

will they be together in the fan comic..? im still thinking about the story.. its not progressing either.. XD

i thought i swore that i wont do the curls for the mean time but i love her curly hair... maybe i'll regret it later when i do the coloring... *prepares myself* XD

im planning to color this soon... i know im suppose to be doing something more important than this but this image came to mind first so i drew it... i was in the mood so why not draw..

actually, yesterday, i recorded a drawing of sailor moon.. (see worlds: records/tutos and drafts/sketches)

i just miss drawing Sailor Moon for some reason...

hugs and comments are very much appreciated... *^^*

PS.. i dont plan to make Avenafiel shorter than Usagi which is around 4'9 in height or so.. just imagine they are in a photo studio and the photographer made Avenafiel sit down in a stool coz if Usagi sits down, her meatball hair will cover Avenafiel's face.... XD *Usagi is tip toeing while Avenafiel sits comfortably*

Avenafiel Langstein is an original character from my Sailor Moon fan comic... (which is on hiatus at the moment..) =/

Sailor Moon Fan Art
avenafiel langstein, oc, reirei18, sailor moon, usagi tsukino
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