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God of Thunder, Zeus

At first I wasn't too fond of how this turned out, mainly because I feel like I botched the background. >.< But it's starting to grow on me. ^^; This is the first of eleven that I'm doing. It's Makoto's 'God form', you could say. This was originally a Sailor costume, but I decided that it looked more like something a God would wear, so I changed it to that.

I did two versions of this picture, the first version I did remains unfinished and tbh, I doubt I'm gunna get around to finishing it.

I've been flicking through all of my old sketch pads and I found the original to this, and I noticed alot of anatomy mistakes and the picture itself looked kinda flat, so I decided to draw it again. =3
It took me at least three days to think of a pose for her, and during those three days, every time I drew her in a certain pose, I decided that I didn't like it so it resulted in me screwing up multiple pieces of paper and getting really frustrated with myself, Lol.

Makoto did have a tiara to begin with, it was more of a chain than a tiara tbqh, and it had a gold star in the center, I kinda forgot to add it in Lol. =]

11th DECEMBER 2010 EDIT:

I felt that this picture could do with re-inking since the lines were very faint from where I had coloured over them with pencils.
I added more shading to the picture and made her skin darker, since she looked very sickly pale before.

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