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Mizore Shirayuki
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Mizore Shirayuki

This is my first fanart from the fan service laden,harem comedy, anime/manga series:
Rosario + Vampire.
One day,a human named Tsukune Aono mistakenly finds himself in a school for monsters, where for some odd reason,he attracts five of the hottest female monsters there.
Mizore Shirayuki (who is my favorite of the bunch) is a Yuki-onna ("Snow Woman"), and can control snow and ice at will. She is often seen with a mint lollipop in her mouth, to keep her cool.
She's somewhat shy and a bit of a stalker, but that's what makes her so cute! To me anyway. ^^;

I've seen a few harem which were a bit too serious for me to take seriously and truthfully I wasn't really into those kind of anime show anyhow.
What I really enjoyed about Rosario + Vampire was not the fan service, it was the comedy and the fact that it didn't take itself so seriously.
It would be hard to take this series seriously say for example:
Mizore dangles from an edge of a cliff, as she grips to dear life the camera (of course) focuses on her stripped panties. -_-;

Regardless of all that, it's a fun series but it isn't for everyone.

Anyway, Hope you all like it.

Comments And Constructive Criticism Welcome.

Picture By: AJV7 (Me)
Character Created By: Akihisa Ikeda

Rosario and Vampire Fan Art
anime, cold, girl, hot, manga, mizore, mizore shirayuki, monster, rosario, rosario + vampire, rosario vampire, sexy, shirayuki, snow, snow woman, vampire, yuki-onna
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