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Sauren Axenroth
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So this was an art assignment, draw yourself as a superhero, so I drew Sauren from Rave(my "me") and updated her appearence. her hair looks closer to mine, when I have side bangs, her boots ar a little higher, and her coller hides her face more.

BTW that is my buso renkin, Radial Force, its a circular sword(duh?) and can also emit plasma from the thin line in the center, or fron the edges which is good for attacks as well as shielding.

In a higher level, "Twin Radial Force" becomes effective, duplicting, but slighlty shrinking the blade so Sauren weilds two blades rather then one and it is more manuverable.

Sooo yeah, that's me, and those are my gawkers. GAWK AT MY CUTENESS :'D

they all have my friends names, pluse Eason(Alex's cactus)

Also I'll trytrytrytry to get Rave up soon! Im scraping the old cover too, i dnt like it one bit. But soon, ive got some sketches for my new plans ready soooo yeah wish me luck!

Also I added two more characters, Elleria and Zephyr(Zephie being the only one who's 1st initial doesn't match her real one XD)

And did I mention my hist. teacher is giving me extra credit for drawing him a a superhero? YEAH MAN!


Buso Renkin Fan Art
axenroth, buso, force, girl, radial, radial force, renkin, sauren
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