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Rosario + Vampire
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Hello there.

Some may remember I posted my first R+V fanart last year
(http://sheezyart.com/art/view/2194170/) of my Favorite Character from the series: Mizore Shirayuki who's a Yuki-onna ("Snow Woman").

Well it first started out as just a picture of Mizore-Chan.
Then after I finished editing her and coloring in, I thought to myself:

"Why not try to make the others and my it a group picture?"

So then I began to draw, edit , and color my second fav character from R+V, which is the busty Succubus: Kurumu Kurono

After that I thought I'd make my third favorite character, the "pretty and innocent on the outside and kick a$$ and blood sucking on the inside" Vampire: Moka Akashiya

About a month later the full picture is finally finished.
Surprisingly enough I think Moka came out the best :) and Kurumu came out the worst (though Much better than my first attempt some time ago). :(
As for my lovely Mizore, I think she came out alright.
I think if you compare her with the one from last year there might be signs of improvement. I don't know... ^^;

Also about the background: The background was originally a photograph I found here http://wonderingly.skynetblogs.be/archive/2007/07/25/mijn-lievelingsgedicht.html Then I edited it to make it look "drawn" and then I colored it with three different colors (as you can see). Of Course I added text too. ^^

On another note, I've recently read some of the manga and I just have to say that it's almost like a whole different series compared to the anime.
Less panty shots...You can take that as a good or a bad thing.

Anyway, Hope you all like it.

Comments And Constructive Criticism Welcome.

Picture By: AJV7 (Me)
Character Created By: Akihisa Ikeda

Rosario and Vampire Fan Art
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