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Grim (own person story, Hetchey's World!)
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This is Grim from Hetcheys story <3 If you dont know the story go to my world and I have it all there, but I'll tell you about Grim.

Grim is a shy guy that doesn't really like following in his familys footstep on being a Grim Reaper :/ as you can see by his possession :3 He rescues Kenvy and Hetchey from abusing family and Suekue (Hetchey's twin sister) follows her brother so they live in a small house on the hill over looking Hetchey and Suekue's town :3 and later on Grim starts to find feelings he never imaged to feel for Suekue. Although love for a Grim is band so he'll have to choose between keeping his family prode and produce offspring with someone random person or to have an opporation to get the drak side out of him and then they could live happerly but his family will disown him.

Bet ya can't guess what his family symbol is :3

Well in this pic he doesn't have his wings out so in a way he looks different XD but he still looks cool :3

Happy Mangaing out there!

I'll post a better picture later :3

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bats, Blackness, bored, chair, Grim, Hetchey, Syife
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