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Do It Again Meme
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Whew! Its been a good long while since I've honestly drawn Sky xD Sky used to be my main OC for a rp I ran a few years back (Community Fusion for those who knew me from theO ;u; <3) Awhile back was our fourth anniversary, but sadly I ended the rp awhile back since a lot of people really were gone and it wasn't fun any more. ;u; Bye I'll always love you Sky bby! I know you've been in storage for some time but but I hope to start doing something with youuuu!

S-so um that thing on the left is back from 2009 and of course the one on the right is 2013. It isn't totally the exact same thing, but the one on the right ended up becoming her actual look. Mostly what was changed was I gave her shoes instead of anthro like feet and she is flat like a board *shot* Also I made her shirt more like a t-shirt.

To be honest, I haven't greatly improved 'oTZ Sure I can do digital now and I my anatomy is better, but that's is *rolls of a cliff*

Also, to CF members, happy anniversary :'D Shot me a PM if you ever want to rp cause drawing Sky did make me miss the rp.....


Because I'm lazy I used a template found here link
Sky (c) Littlechichi from Deviantart/Me Littlepooch from theO obviously *shot*

Dedicating to Kirsten cause cause cause shes been a very good friend to me thick and thin and also a big support of my art ;u;

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