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Valentines Day
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For Jen's challenge x'D

Yes this was originally made for just something for my girlfriend and I since I'm so freaking lazy and I never draw the two of us for Valentines day. We didn't really get to spend it together since I was out and skljfsdf but still, I was a little happy that I had someone at all this year ;u; I slightly suck at relationships (I've been confessed and asked out to a few times here and there, but I hated the idea of getting too close to people so I rejected them all and ran) since my last one I don't even know if it existed or not It was the fairy tale I like you, you like me, lets date it was fun. I felt special for the first time in my life. But once school started again, he ignored me right away. He didn't text or acknowledge that I existed. and prior to that, I confessed to a very good friend of mine and got rejected and ultimately pushed him away to the point where we don't talk and only acknowledge each other as strangers. So yeah, I haven't had the best time with relationships and I've lost friendships because of it.

But, well, I'm happy for the most part. Of course we've had our ups and downs, but I'm happy for the time being.

Art (c) Littlepooch/Littlechichi/ThePatchWorkRabbit (so many usernames my god...)

I'm the shorter one on the left and my girl friend Kiba is on the right~

I know this is a great site and everything, but please don't comment just to leave hurtful messages because of my choice of relationship. Thank you <3

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Happy S.A.D!!!
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