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A self-portrait drawn half a year ago for an art class that I'm just now uploading to theOtaku.com. This is why you should follow me on DA!

Original description:

Hi guys! This is my OC Me from the show My Life! She has a penchant for drawing references to things that no one seems to get, even though this particular one is to a recent summer blockbuster and number one best selling young adult series!

- In which I spend 8 hours replicating what would have taken 10 minutes on Photoshop.
- This was done for my self portrait assignment.
- Yes, I do martial arts.
- The gradient is a shadow from bad lighting.
- The word Dauntless is in reference to the movie/book series Divergent. I was debating adding in the Dauntless logo as a watermark to make this more clear, but came to the conclusion that while it looks good digitally and would make for a good desktop wallpaper, it would detract from the actual physical drawing.

Size: 36in x 48in aka twice as large as anything I've ever done. It's 75% scale.
Tools: Graphite, Charcoal, Ruler, Mirror. Except for my face, this was not drawn from a photograph. I ran back and forth to the mirror and posed numerous times.
Time: too long. Especially the lettering, that alone took 2 hours x_x

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dauntless, kchuang, portrait, self, sword
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