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N30DC - Day 1
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I decided to take up another challenge on dA! For art this time yaaaaay. These are probably all going to be colored sketches, though. I don't have the time to line, color and shade, and if I do have time, I want to have enough time to make it just the way I like it <3 u v u I'm finally doing fan art! 8'D

I'm really experimenting this time around! I don't normally draw straight on the tablet, as it's reaaaaally weird for me and I can't capture my style as well. But guess what? PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. With this challenge, I'm going to do each one straight on the tablet, and I hope to see improvement, if even just slightly, by the 30th day! That's what I'm hoping for with this challenge!

Also, I want to improve myself in preparation for possibly opening commissions around June/July time eheheh ; u ;

A Naruto 30 Day Challenge found here on tumblr! No, I do not have a tumblr nor do I use tumblr. I was just looking for a 30 day challenge to do~

Naruto 30 Day Challenge

Day 1:
Favorite Male Character

Neji Hyuga

Who else but the genius, Neji Hyuga? <3
Guh, I love him so muuuuchhhhhh. He's such a fantastic character and he went through some major character development as far as that douchey personality he had and the whole destiny and fate talk blah blah blah. I mean, I still loved him back then anyways, despite his attitude x3 He's just so asdfghjklqwertyuiop. The love of my life, basically <3 ; u ;

My birthday is July 1st, guys. If you want to give me anything, let it be this sexy piece of ass wrapped up and ready for me uhuhuhuu 8D
I'm just kidding
No, but really. I would love Neji (and/or Arai ;D) for my birthday ;DDD

Naruto Fan Art
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