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Nejai <3

In my headcanon, Neji lives due to the forbidden sacrifice of Keisuke Takameshi, Arai's eldest brother. The rest of the small details are in the Sketchy Version!

Note: This is for my own ending of Naruto, done the way that would make me happy where NaruSaku, ShikaIno, and KibaHina are canon uhuhuuu (though I'm totally okay with SaiIno!). I know this is not canon and never will be. But hey, in the grand scheme, I'm okay with that! Now that Neji died a genius and a hero, loved by everyone, Kishimoto and his editors can't truck up his character! I, for one, am grateful for that. But I also have a creative mind and lots and lots of love to share with Neji (as well as five kids for him and my OC LOLOL), so a headcanon ending is necessary~ u v u

Note2: I don't like the Naruto ending, because all the women (and men?) became housewives(husbands) - besides Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sasuke, obviously - and it seems like the meaning of being a ninja (like making money for the country and blah blah) has been completely lost. How is a weapons shop not able to make sales selling weapons in one of the biggest lands of ninja?! I feel like tons of character developments went to waste :c (ESPECIALLY WITH SAKURA, HOLYWHUT). But anyways, I suppose I can't hate it either. I'm just happy to have been with this manga/anime from the beginning to the end <333 What a journey! C:

P.S. Neji's marking is intentionally not there because... dun dun dun - it is no longer there! As most of you may know, Neji's marking was lifted when he died, allowing him to be "free". In my headcanon, when he is revived, that marking does not come back. I wouldn't imagine that it would, after all. It's gone xD El poof-o. Hasta la bye-bye.

That is all <3

Naruto Fan Art
arai, hyuga, kiss, love, naruto, neji, oc, reunion, takameshi
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