Judai Winchester (Fan Art Portfolio) .Eternal Winged Senshi.

.Eternal Winged Senshi.
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Please Note: The drawing does look better in real life. I apologize for the low quality. I don't have a scanner. I will upload a better picture of this when I am able to at a later date. I did my best to enhance this with my graphics program to the best of my ability.

This is a drawing I did of myself as an anime character, dressed up as an Eternal sailor Senshi with wings. This took me about a couple hours to draw and color all together. I had fun drawing this.

For the Senshi form, I drew the Eternal version because I really love the design. On the sailor collar is 7 gems that represent Johan's Crystal Beasts, so this in away was inspired by that also. Also the boots were inspired by Johan's but I made them light blue instead of brown. I just tried to come up with my own color scheme for this senshi design. I think the hardest part to draw in this would have to be the wings. I tried to draw/color them so they appeared to be semi-transparent.

On the computer, I took this into Photoshop and tried my best to enhance the colors given the fact that my phone's camera washed them out. It never quite captures the real life colors well. I recolored some of this digitally. I also added some effects to the wings to try to brighten them and make them stand out more. Point is, I did my best with this and I'm happy with how it came out. Its quite colorful.

I hope everybody enjoys the artwork. And I'd also like to add that this is my 50th drawing submitted here on theOtaku. Here's to 50 more! Thank you everybody for supporting my art! Feedback for this one is appreciated.

Dedication: OoAnBuOo
For creating this awesome challenge~

Sailor Moon Fan Art
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