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Toned paper OC Doodles
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Some OC doodles I made on toned paper during Christmas vacation. I wanted to do some more before posting all together but now there is no time at all.

I love that Morrigan doodle, it look 100% times better in real life, the other one... meh the pose it's off.

I love this paper but I hate how I can’t scan the draws, so I just have to take photos, it doesn’t shows well the colors unfortunately
I hope to draw more in the next weeks...

I would like to post the OC profiles I talked in uhm December?!?!

And I have a future project to draw some Fanart! like Fanart! and not OCS!

so much wow

very incredible

Of course I'm gonna do all of this if I have time. I'm still working and in the evening I have to go to driving school just a little more (just two lessons left YASSSS)
but then I'll start the driving, like myself on a bus, It's gonna be like GTA I'm sure.

the big problem it's not only the lack of time, but my incredible slowness. to sketch something can take me even 3-4 hours.
so I have no idea how much stuff you're gonna see from me.

I really hope to make something thought, the last days have been very frustrating for me and drawing just entertain me and distract me from thinking, that's awesome I hate to think. I wish I could take my brain away just for a week or two.
that's it for now and stay grrovy ,-)

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chandelure, gijinka, loki, morrigan, ocs, salazar, seviper, toned paper
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