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A Black Summer
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A Black Summer by Arctic Summer
This is my first series comic, I hope you really are interested in it! I had a hard time with the coloring because I didn't know if I should use the burn tool of the dodge tool but, I ended up using both of them... Ah yes, you've knowticed that the characters are not wearing any gloves, well, I wanted to make them without gloves because I just felt that "Who would wear gloves in the Summer?" So I just did without for a couple of reasons another reason was because it was cute, lol.
"It was the 17th of June, that day, my relationship with Tails started to grow distant. I usually caught a glimpse of him in the mornings but in the afternoons, never. It was as if he was red riding hood going to visit his sick grandmother everyday, but it was a mystery of who he was visiting. He always seemed to be running north in a hurry, with that flute swinging right and left as he ran. I grew more suspicious each day, I thought of the dangerous enemies outside, waiting to ambush him while alone. I couldn't let this happen to a old friend who I cherished for years. Even though his personality mysteriously changed, it was my responsiblility to protect him. But then I discovered that Tails was trying to protect something else, far out there." ~ Sonic
I hope you like it! Please take the time to comment!
Warning: Following material contains depressive scenes

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