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Kingdom Hearts 3: Legacy of the Keyblade
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Full English Title: Kingdom Hearts 3: Legacy of the Keyblade
Full Japanese Title: Kanji: キングダムハーツ3:キーブレードの遺産 ; Romaji: Kingudamu Hātsu 3: Kīburēdo no Isan

Project Title: LotK Project or Keyblade Project

Rating: G / Everyone
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Scifi, Romance
Sub-Genre: Action, Doujinshi, Shoujo, and Shounen

Tagline Caption: "Believe in you dreams and live them."


~Plot Summary~

Kingdom Hearts 3: Legacy of the Keyblade is a sequel to the Kingdom Hearts Saga written by me around Febuary 22, 2011. The story takes place where Sora, Riku and Kairi recieved the letter from King Mickey. They head off on to a new adventure leading them into new uncharted worlds and a unknown journey. Hencefore, let's go!

~Story Details~
Story and Art (Adopted) by Dragon Anime (a.k.a. KeyofRemembrance and also theInsaneAngel, these are all my other usernames on other sites). This story has a Keyblade Legacy (Legend), Returning Keybladers (i.e. from KH:BBS), a Reunion that reunites everyone together, a Deep Dive (Another Side, Another Story) Scene Sequance, A New Organization (good and bad versions), and Psst! Here's a little secret keep an eye out for hidden mickeys within the panels and stuff. KHIII: Legacy of the Keyblade <- Spoiler Alert! theInsaneAngel <- Spoiler Alert! (unless you chose a different story other than KHIII:LotK)

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~Other Info~
Worlds and Characters, Adalene's Bio, FanFiction, Organization XIII, and Keybladers.


Status Updates: Unknown
Current Chapter: <<Epidose 1>>

((Read from Right to Left))

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