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What Genre Of Manga Are You?

yep that sounds like me alright .. im so happy i got this

What Style Fits You?

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What Genre Of Manga Are You?

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Which Madoka Magica Girl Are You?

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What Kind Of Japanese Fan Are You?

hooooray !!!! haha... this is sooo true !!!! at points of this quiz i was really in doubt because it had stuff like who is japan's leader and i was like omg! im not sure haha.. so i picked a random one . in any case i am happy that i got this ^-^

What Type Of Movie Are You?

wow this is a real shocker cause normally im a relaxed kind of person but very cheerful im just glad i didnt get something like horror.... very interesting quiz but some parts it was hard to decide what to put arigatou!!!

Which Disney Fairy Are You?


Which My Little Pony Are You?

hit me right at the spot i love my little pony although i dont really understand what it really is ....like hello kitty i dont understand it but i love it anyways !!! ^^

What Vocaloid Are You?

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Hetalia! What Country Are You?

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What Type Of Superhero Would Adam Be?

haha... i loved this quiz haha... its darkwing duck i miss that show .... its time to get dangerous!

What Shugo Chara Guardian Are You?

awww.... i always liked her

What Sort Of theOtaku Member Are You?

hoooray!!!! this is really helpful to me i like it

What Vocaloid Are You?

hoooray!!!! hatsune miku who knew she is my favorite along with rin and len i just love thier songs ^^

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