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08/19/18 HEY Y'ALL {vanilla twilight.}
12/12/15 Quick lil Post {vanilla twilight.}
12/31/14 Update!! {vanilla twilight.}
11/15/14 Little Question {vanilla twilight.}
11/09/14 HELLO !! {vanilla twilight.}
09/13/14 I got tagged!! {vanilla twilight.}
08/25/14 Need Your Opinion!! {otaku orientation.}
08/03/14 The Problem {vanilla twilight.}
07/26/14 Thank you for the Birthday wishes! {vanilla twilight.}
07/08/14 Meme: Highlight all that Applies `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/08/14 Meme `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/04/14 Cute lil shoutout {vanilla twilight.}
06/28/14 Meme: Random facts `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
06/14/14 Hello everyone!! {vanilla twilight.}
04/06/14 Update {vanilla twilight.}
03/26/14 Tagged by ChinaSan {vanilla twilight.}
03/04/14 Promotion! {vanilla twilight.}
02/16/14 Happy Valentine's Day! {vanilla twilight.}
02/06/14 I miss it. {vanilla twilight.}
01/30/14 Anyone? {otaku orientation.}
01/30/14 asdfghjkl; {vanilla twilight.}
01/21/14 Lateeee post! {vanilla twilight.}
01/07/14 Happy. {vanilla twilight.}
12/31/13 HAPPY NEW YEAR! {vanilla twilight.}
12/30/13 *fangirls* {vanilla twilight.}
12/25/13 Merry Christmas! {vanilla twilight.}
12/19/13 FREEDOM! {vanilla twilight.}
12/16/13 SO HAPPY. {vanilla twilight.}
12/07/13 Heck yes. {vanilla twilight.}
11/28/13 Mini Update. {vanilla twilight.}
11/28/13 Meme: Confessions `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
11/17/13 Meme: Element `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
11/17/13 Happy Birthday Makoto! <3 {vanilla twilight.}
11/07/13 books recommendations & things. {vanilla twilight.}
11/04/13 OH MY GOSH!! {vanilla twilight.}
10/31/13 Happy Halloween! {vanilla twilight.}
10/27/13 Update: Inactivity, card, birthdays & mor.. {vanilla twilight.}
10/20/13 I'M OBSESSED. {otaku orientation.}
10/16/13 Mini Update {vanilla twilight.}
10/15/13 This Is Killing Me {otaku orientation.}
10/15/13 Something Quick {vanilla twilight.}
10/14/13 About Me! {vanilla twilight.}
10/14/13 Vampire Knight Fanfictions {otaku orientation.}
10/13/13 I cannot stop. {vanilla twilight.}
10/13/13 They're so beautiful. {otaku orientation.}
10/10/13 Meme: Nationality! `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
10/07/13 Promotion! {vanilla twilight.}
10/05/13 Update: sick, WIR , & world design! {vanilla twilight.}
10/02/13 WHY. {vanilla twilight.}
09/26/13 Happy Birthday ForeverOtaku! {vanilla twilight.}
09/18/13 I Made One! {vanilla twilight.}
09/09/13 Please & Thank you! {vanilla twilight.}
09/05/13 Update: School & Inactivity! {vanilla twilight.}
08/28/13 Sad. {vanilla twilight.}
08/27/13 So happy! {vanilla twilight.}
08/23/13 Update! {vanilla twilight.}
08/10/13 Packing. {vanilla twilight.}
08/07/13 I'm Sorry... {vanilla twilight.}
08/05/13 Long day. {vanilla twilight.}
07/29/13 Update: Fun/ Tiring Day {vanilla twilight.}
07/28/13 Meme: Truth `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/28/13 Meme: Which Disney Princess are you? `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/25/13 Thank You for the Birthday Wishes! {vanilla twilight.}
07/22/13 If you were in an anime, which anime family w.. {otaku orientation.}
07/22/13 Novel: Death Benefits {a piece of reading.}
07/21/13 Meme: 82 Questions `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/19/13 Update! {vanilla twilight.}
07/18/13 Interesting Meme `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/14/13 Meme: 100 Questions `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/11/13 Meme: Crazy Test `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/11/13 Meme: The Cute Test `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/09/13 Meme: What Pokemon Type Are You? `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/08/13 Japanese Meme `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/08/13 Questions `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/05/13 Important theO Stuff [Re-posted from Moka] {vanilla twilight.}
07/03/13 Tagged by blue tea {vanilla twilight.}
07/02/13 Fun Little Update! {vanilla twilight.}
07/01/13 Meme: Layers `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
07/01/13 A Poem: You're beautiful `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
06/30/13 Long Meme {vanilla twilight.}
06/28/13 I'm Free!! {vanilla twilight.}
06/25/13 Cool Meme {vanilla twilight.}
06/25/13 A Poem: Friendship `Pacchiri Tsukihi`
06/24/13 My questions! {vanilla twilight.}
06/24/13 Tagged by mangaandanimelove {vanilla twilight.}
06/21/13 New World! {vanilla twilight.}
06/12/13 Some Meme #2 {vanilla twilight.}
06/12/13 Some Meme {vanilla twilight.}
06/09/13 Time for an Update! {vanilla twilight.}
06/01/13 Formspring {vanilla twilight.}
05/30/13 ask.fm {vanilla twilight.}
05/27/13 Little Update {vanilla twilight.}
05/24/13 Some Meme {vanilla twilight.}
05/20/13 What is your favorite anime couple? {otaku orientation.}
05/20/13 Avril Lavigne - When you're Gone {music club abyss.}
05/19/13 A Meme {vanilla twilight.}
05/18/13 The Results! {vanilla twilight.}
05/16/13 Another meme {vanilla twilight.}
05/11/13 Story book: A Child's Garden [a story of hope.. {a piece of reading.}
05/10/13 Novel: Safe As Houses {a piece of reading.}
05/15/13 A Vote! [CLOSED] {vanilla twilight.}
05/08/13 Meme: My Age? {vanilla twilight.}
05/06/13 Demi Lovato - Heart - attack {music club abyss.}
05/06/13 Updates & Promotion! {vanilla twilight.}
04/28/13 Meme {vanilla twilight.}
05/04/13 4/26/13: Joke of the Day! {vanilla twilight.}
04/23/13 Just thought of something nice... {vanilla twilight.}
04/23/13 Meme: Loli, Tsundere, Yandere, Kuudere &.. {vanilla twilight.}
04/21/13 Meme: Hogwarts {vanilla twilight.}
04/20/13 4/19/13: Joke of the day! {vanilla twilight.}
04/19/13 Do you like listening to AMVs? {otaku orientation.}
04/17/13 Long Time No Post! {vanilla twilight.}
04/14/13 Meme: 50 Questions {vanilla twilight.}
04/14/13 4/12/13: Joke of the day! {vanilla twilight.}
04/06/13 Another post of Something {vanilla twilight.}
04/05/13 4/5/13: Joke of the day! {vanilla twilight.}
04/04/13 Still taking Questions! {vanilla twilight.}
04/03/13 Story book: Violet {a piece of reading.}
04/02/13 Have you ever seen anime filler that you like.. {otaku orientation.}
04/01/13 Another post... {vanilla twilight.}
03/31/13 Happy Easter! {vanilla twilight.}
03/31/13 Would you like to be in an anime? {otaku orientation.}
03/31/13 Meme Time {vanilla twilight.}
03/30/13 Meme Section {vanilla twilight.}
03/30/13 Meme: How girly am I? {vanilla twilight.}
03/30/13 I need some suggestions... {vanilla twilight.}
03/29/13 3/29/13: Joke of the day! {vanilla twilight.}
03/26/13 Thank YOU for the 100 subs! {vanilla twilight.}
03/25/13 Graphic Novel: Witch & Wizard {a piece of reading.}
03/23/13 Everyone gets a Gift! {vanilla twilight.}
03/22/13 3/22/13: Joke of the day! {vanilla twilight.}
03/21/13 Jokes and Riddles for Fridays! {vanilla twilight.}
03/17/13 St.Patricks Day: Who is your lucky character? {otaku orientation.}
03/17/13 Happy St.Patricks Day! {vanilla twilight.}
03/16/13 Book: The town that Drowned {a piece of reading.}
03/16/13 Maroon 5 - Daylight {music club abyss.}
03/15/13 What do you like? {a piece of reading.}
03/15/13 Book: The Tiffin {a piece of reading.}
03/15/13 [My answers] for Little Questions {vanilla twilight.}
03/15/13 Little Questions {vanilla twilight.}
03/14/13 Book: Sparrow Road {a piece of reading.}
03/12/13 Why do you take interest in anime? {otaku orientation.}
03/01/13 What is the first anime you ever watched? {otaku orientation.}
02/28/13 Thirft Shop {music club abyss.}
02/24/13 Manga Mall Deleted but listen up! {vanilla twilight.}
02/23/13 You can't live your Life for other People {vanilla twilight.}
02/23/13 Book: The Hunger Games {a piece of reading.}
02/21/13 Which anime character is your Idol? {otaku orientation.}
02/18/13 Thanks for the Subs! {vanilla twilight.}
02/14/13 Happy Valentine's Day {vanilla twilight.}
02/14/13 Valentine's Day: Who is your Love? {otaku orientation.}
02/11/13 Quote: Keep Holding On {vanilla twilight.}
02/09/13 What is the best thing you like on theOtaku.c.. {otaku orientation.}
02/09/13 Inspirational Quote {vanilla twilight.}
02/06/13 Isn't this right? {vanilla twilight.}
02/04/13 Who is your favorite Villain from your favori.. {otaku orientation.}
02/01/13 Who is your least favorite anime character? {otaku orientation.}
01/29/13 If you were able to be best friends with some.. {otaku orientation.}
01/28/13 Who likes Kimi Ni Todoke? {otaku orientation.}

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