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Gifts cronaandsoul: HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH cronaandsoul: Welcome back!!!!!! cronaandsoul: Happy Birthday~ cronaandsoul: Happy V-Day or singles awareness day! nikkeh09: happy birthday!!!!! Moka: Miss you ♥ LoveMeRen: cuz i love you chihiroyin: belated happy b-day =) code93: sorry for the late gift. Happy B'day :D twilight tiger: Happy birthday sis! ^_^ jesdale: happy birthday! ^^ xXShayde WolfXx: Thanks for being my girl <3 twilight tiger: merry christmas onee chan! Zuzu Uchiha: Happy Holidays :) dfdfdfdf: MERRY CHRISTMAS MOMMY!!! ^^ HotRamen2Go009: Thank You! pandaman08: Thank you for the birthday wish :D XWillowTheWispX: Thank you so much :D wallpaperotaku: Happy birthday princess! wallpaperotaku: Happy Birthday! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!!! DuArMittAllt: Happy Birthday!! :D twilight tiger: aww :) thanks for the gift sis! <3 Set-chan: OHAI c: outlawedgirl: Thankyou! Ice cream for you! xXShayde WolfXx: Happy Valentine~ I love you so much <3 Set-chan: happy xmas n new year ^^ LoveMeRen: MERRY XMAS :D Moka: Merry Christmas :D kahoko66: Merry Christmas! hatakeotaku69: X-mas is coming!!! RAMEN FOR YOU!!! SenjutsuMaster986: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ^^ LoveMeRen: Happy Holidays <3 JohnPhillip: Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!!! Set-chan: how are you ~ chihiroyin: guess u need it xD kahoko66: Happy Halloween! JohnPhillip: HAPPY HALLOWEEN ^^ lucilight: thanks for the subs back (: Set-chan: I bit your cookie D: was tastey. Set-chan: *baked you a pie* Set-chan: I cant find you, so mail time. ^^ Set-chan: Have a hat Hime-sama Lol. Set-chan: :D Thank you again, how sweet. Set-chan: Lol to replace the paintbrush you used! Set-chan: YAY! Thank you!! ^__^ Set-chan: Screw Peanutbutter, here's a PENCIL(Lol) Set-chan: I feel like giving you a strawberry. :D Set-chan: Cuz I gift war n to thnk u for return ^^ Set-chan: For being awesome :D chihiroyin: thanks :) kahoko66: Belated Happy Birthday! NeKo MoonShine: Happy Birthday! *bunny gives you carrot* Amestar: Happy Birthday Tea LoveMeRen: HAPPPYYY BIRHTDAY MOMMY! <3 <3 FrozenFlameHearts: Happy Birthday Lolibun! lol :) <3 Spectre: HAPPY B-DAY SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy B-Day : Happy birthday,tea! :) xXShayde WolfXx: Happy Birthday, Imouto~ <3 wallpaperotaku: happy birthday :) chihiroyin: Happy Birthday :) pandaman08: TE-AH!!!!Congrats on your promotion! :D pandaman08: TE-AH!! Congrats on the promotion :) eijiforever: Congratulations on being promoted~! ^v^ Haitaka: Congratulations with Senior Otaku++!! ^^ Soulanime14: Happy Easter! kahoko66: Happy Easter! Angel Satina: Get well soon "hugs" ^-^ marshall lee: hihihi Moka: ⥠: Thanks for the help~! ^^ pandabearluv: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MOMMY!!!!! EmiTan5: Here some Pocky for Vday eijiforever: happy Valentine's Day! ⥠^v^ EmiTan5: Pockey the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EmiTan5: I painted a picture for you :D EmiTan5: Cupcake for my besty ^_^ kahoko66: Happy New Year :) Spectre: Merry Christmas ^_^ xXShayde WolfXx: Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day :3 Soulanime14: Merry Christmas ^-^ kahoko66: Merry Christmas!! Zuzu Uchiha: ^_^ Happy holidays mizuka217: thanks crazyanimegrl: ty for the b-day gift^^ xXShayde WolfXx: Here's a severed bunny head. :D xXShayde WolfXx: Here's a kitty. :3 xXShayde WolfXx: Here's a puppy. :) crazyanimegrl: panda for you xXShayde WolfXx: Hoard Them Candies! Kill If Needed >:3!! kahoko66: Happy Halloween! Moka: SUSHI TIME WITH ONEECHAN Morbid Dollie: Congratulations on the promotion!!! Morbid Dollie: Congratulations on the promotion!!! ilovetamaki: thank you :) kahoko66: Happy belated birthday eijiforever: congratulations 4 being promoted! ^v^ Black Lamb: Happy Belated Birthday! NeKo MoonShine: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 8D I MISS MY TEA ;w; : good luck-bye : happy birthday!here's a rose and a bunny HotRamen2Go009: Happy Birthday! Have a good one CrimzonN3k0 z: Happy Birthday!!!! : Happy Birthday wallpaperotaku: Happy birthday!!!!! FrozenFlameHearts: For my beloved lolibuns! Happy Birthday! ashio: With Love from ME :D xx Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! : Hah! Now you're old like me! >:3 jk ~<3 Amestar: Happy B-day Tea! Spectre: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS ^o^ apple pai: A panda from me! Happy Birthday :) : happy birthday! Have a fantastic one! :D time line: happy birthday from time Spectre: for the sis that I miss, see ya soon ^_^ Amestar: Thnx 4 kickin him in da azz XDDDD CrimzonN3k0 z: Thank you for the card ~ I loved it XD omnia1: I AM TOTALLY IN LESBIANS WITH U 2!!!! <3 omnia1: love you and always will don't be sorry omnia1: Don't even sis. It's not your fault. <3 omnia1: I wish u were on.I need u right now :'( omnia1: Loving!!! ;-} ;-} XDDD omnia1: Then come over here and give me some omnia1: XDD It's to cute and smexy to resist :3 omnia1: No one can see the through this cuteness omnia1: This is my cute and innocent face :3 XD omnia1: ;-) <3 <3 <3 I'm not always Jelly XD omnia1: lol ok XDD It's a deal XD Love you sis x omnia1: sis u should be mean more often ;} XD omnia1: u drive m wild.Do that to all da grls? omnia1: *Eskimo kisses back* ooo sis ;) <3 <3 omnia1: Fancy an Eski sis ? *wriggles eyebrows* omnia1: Hello smexy lady ;) XDD <3 love chu sis : a lollipop rose! : thx for talkin to me all these days on : thx for your help : Thank you for the Gift! ^^ kikkima: your an sweosme friend ^_^ Spectre: thanks sis, glad I came to you ^_^ Kuyzoo: Hey thank you for the gift. omnia1: your so brave <3  you make me proud ^_^ omnia1: ur awesome ^_^ love you sis x x x x pandabearluv: omahgoodness cooookies Spectre: I trust you sis, now and forever :) : :) kahoko66: Happy Easter:D Angel Satina: Happy Easter dear! :3 "hugs" grand baham: happy easter omnia1: Have a fab day sis :D Happy Easter :D <3 Moka: happy easter! Spectre: Happy Easter sis :D : Happy Easter!!! God Bless You!!! Kami-chan.x3: Had fun in the chat!! :D eijiforever: I've got no tea. so, here's a cookie! xD Spectre: hey sis, I'm real sorry for worrying you Spectre: thanks for being there for me sis :) omnia1: Just for being you... HEHE yeah me soppy Moka: i stole yur ramen XD kahoko66: Happy valentine's day to you too!!! Angel Satina: Happy V-day to you !! :* pandabearluv: happy v-day~⥠: A rose for my beautiful chubby buddy! :) pandaman08: hope you like pocky!Happy Valentine Day! ravenmadison1994: happy valentines day to you too!  ^_^ NeKo MoonShine: Happy valentine's day! :D *huggles* HotRamen2Go009: Happy Valentine's Day to you too! piggyback garu: happy valentine's/forever alone day! kaylabee1056: CUPCAKE!!!! ^_^ NeKo MoonShine: Cupcake for the winner |D om nom~ crazyanimegrl: :-) PandoraxHearts: Thanks for subscribing! ashio: You too <3 ^^ Satina: Happy New Year dear!! ^o^ -Angelic Smile : Merry X-mas! : Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day! :D kahoko66: Merry Christmas!!! NeKo MoonShine: Merry Christmas~ :3 and happy new year! Black Lamb: Merry Christmas! Angel Satina: Merry Christmas dear tea!!"glomps" XD sakurabaybee97: thank you <3 : Thanks for bein' mah buddeh! :D ashio: Have a spook-tastic Halloween! xD NeKo MoonShine: Happy Halloween :D TimeWithoutEnd: thank you very much :D : thanks for the gift ^^ szaleksandra: ^^Thanks^^ mosaicpao: Happy Birthday!(im not late. not at all) Kami-chan.x3: You just got Brick'd. :D lol. kahoko66: Happy birthday princess!! apple pai: HaPpY BiRtHdAy my dear frnd :) <3 Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! : Happy Birthday! :3 Zennyxchan: Happy birthday! Akiye Yoru4: happy birthday :D : Happy Birthday Imoto~ :D : Happy Birthday! Have a great one! ^^ alexea arescia: happy birthday tea Amestar: Happy Birthday TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA kawaiiMisuzu: 2nd gift cuz i forgot the cookies :p kawaiiMisuzu: happy birthday tea :) ashio: *Sings happy birthday* :D piggyback garu: HAPPEH BURFDAE : thank you ^_^ : Thanks for joining my challenge! ^_^ nirvana donut: thanks for the gift; it's been great! ilovetamaki: pie goes good with tea ^^ WingedBanshee: Thank you! Sorry for the late reply! dfdfdfdf: it cookeh time kahoko66: Happy Easter!!! dfdfdfdf: hope u had a great easter Amestar: HAPPY EASTER TEA piggyback garu: even though i dun celebrate this, HERE~ : Happy Easter! ^_^ Miracle Star19: HAPPEH EASTER DAY!!! :3 NeKo MoonShine: Happy Easter.owo tis a Peep..eat it!x3 : The cake is a lie.. Cuz it's EASTER!! :D : happy easter!!! :3 : happy easter!!!!! Rokko: thank u ^_^ ninetailslover: Thanx!:) Miracle Star19: HAPPEH V-DAY!!! :3 Gravity4Ever: ~~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!!!^^  ~~~ ashio: happy valentine's day to you too ^^ dfdfdfdf: haappy valentines day to u too dree ^^ NeKo MoonShine: Happy valentine's day!:D jesses girl: happy valentines day tea! nirvana donut: xoxoxo : happy hearts day!! :D wolfpupable: happy v-day Bleachic: Happy Valentine's Day, amico :3 : ^_^ : HAPPY V-DA WingedBanshee: Happy V-day! : Happy Valentine's Day as well! :D Amestar: Happy Valentine's Day Tea^^ livelymorbid: Happy Valentine's Day to you as well. piggyback garu: happeh valentine's day wifey~ polygamy! rosel D: Happy Valentines ^_^ : Happy birthday to you too XD kahoko66: Happy valentines day! chrono elric: Thanks for the sub kahoko66: Happy New year!!! ashio: All the Best for 2011!!!! :) Satina: Thanx for everything! ^_^ koroyami: :) Amestar: Merry Merry Christmas Tea :D kahoko66: Merry Christmas!!! LoveLoveKitten24: Merry Christmas : Happy Holidays~⥠FrozenFlameHearts: Happy Holidays :D Romanos Vixen: Merry Christmas! ^^ Have a nice day! ^^ Okami13: Merry Christmas! wuzzle320: Happy Holidays!! : Merry Christmas from Linku-claus Tea! Satina: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ^__^ hollow322: Thank you CAKE XD kikkima: merry Christmas!! sakura97: thx for the gift pawprint96: MARRY CHRISMILK 8D superstarpanou: A cookie for you, Thank you! ^_^ FrozenRoze: Thank you ^^ twilight tiger: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! livelymorbid: Happy Halloween to you as well. LoveLoveKitten24: Hope u had an awesome halloween : thanx hope urs was good ^^ kikkima: Thank you for the gift! ^_^ Bleachic: Happy Halloween, my friend!!! *^^* : happy  halloween alice!! koroyami: Hey Princess : Happy halloween! BOO! XD wolfpupable: thanks FrozenRoze: Happy Halloween! FrozenRoze: Happy Halloween! Gravity4Ever: ~ Happy Halloween!!!!!!^^ ~ Zacman the Damned: Haaaaaaaappeeeeeeeeh Haaaallooooweeeeen kahoko66: Happy Halloween!!! rosel D: Have a Happy Halloween Time~! SarahPatricia: Happy Halloween ;) omnia1: happy halloween to u to hehe ^_^ Miracle Star19: HAPPEH HALLOWEEN!!! :D Zennyxchan: happy halloween!!! : treat :P Amestar: Happy Halloween :) TobiX13: HAPPY HALLOWEEN BABYCAKES Kyubi Elric: Same to ya', happy Halloween! Romanos Vixen: HAPPY HALOWEEN!  XD  ^^ ashio: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Alazne Chan: Happy Halloween! wuzzle320: I thank you all for two years with theO! rosel D: Nice to meet You! Hope we can be friends : Thanks for the sub ^_^ kikkima: thnk you for sub to me! ^_<* Bleachic: Thanks for subbing!  *^^* RedOrpheus: yummmy Zacman the Damned: To draw moar =P RedOrpheus: there u go Ajan 1: heres a panda fwiend lol vanieturnip: happy b'day! Amestar: Happy Birthday my friend!! :) Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY TEA!!!!! =DDD ashio: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEA! : Happy Birthday~ Hope it's a good one! :D : happy birthday dree take this strawberry lovesrukia: love ya' sis ^^ Zacman the Damned: POCKY FOR UR BDAY!!!! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM Knowmad: Happy B-day! Also, ur NOT old. ._. 19!!! LoveLoveKitten24: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEA~ Gravity4Ever: Happy Birthday!!Hope it rocks!!!!!!!!^^ jesses girl: happy birthday tea!!! TimeWithoutEnd: tnx a lot 4 d sub =) : thanks for being a great friend. : your a real friend ^^ : thanks for being an awsome friend Mikaru07: YOU GOT BRICK'D : yay! FrozenRoze: Thank you for subbing me =D : you need popcorn! : and puddin' needs ice cream! : puddin' needs something to nom, you too : thank you for sub.=] SarahPatricia: A cookie to say hi! Alazne Chan: Thx 4 talkin 2 my crazy self! ^^ : ty tea for the  an ur a cute neko too
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