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    What brought you here?

    I'm going to do this quiz over and over until I get the character I want.
    It's my duty as a fan of Gravity to do this quiz.
    I want to know "who I am".
    Fate. Haha.
    I just sort of wandered in, I suppose.
    I have some time to kill and this looked fun.
    I plan to brag to all my friends about the result.
    What, I can't take a quiz now and again if I want to?

    I've had some problems for a while, and I decided to confide in you. What do you do?

    Take your secret to my grave, of course. I can't betray your trust.
    I might tell one or two people, but by accident! I can't keep quiet about anything!
    I don't see why you told me, but okay. I'll keep quiet.
    I'm going to watch you very carefully from now on. I want to see your decline.
    Tell me anything you want. I'll forget it after 5 minutes..
    I have that exact same problem!! We're no longer alone!
    Your problems are stupid and I want nothing to do with them.
    I'll do everything I can to help!

    Do you have your own dark secret to share?

    If it makes you feel better, I guess I can think up something.
    I have no secrets! Everything of mine belongs to the world!
    There are things I'll never tell anyone. Sorry.
    I'll tell you, but now's not the right time.
    All of my secrets are hidden in my work. The curse of an artist :P
    I don't trust you enough to tell you something like that.
    *dark atmosphere* I once killed a man... and liked it. ...HAHAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING. Oh man, your face was priceless. Ahahaha.
    It's a pretty dark secret. I don't think you could handle it.

    Describe your current/most recent relationship.

    I'm heartbroken.
    I want to break up. This relationship is too crazy.
    I got a Valentine's day card when I was six, does that count?
    I have a crush, but I can't pluck up the courage to confess.
    Forever alone :(
    Single and loving it.
    I think I found The One! :)

    You and I are now going to fight. Choose your weapon.

    Something that does a lot of damage to you.
    No!!! I surrender!!!
    I'd rather not. But if you insist, I'll take you down.
    I think I can talk my way out of this....
    What? Um, wait, oops. I can't fight! Aah!
    No we're not! *runs away*
    Fists! Let's have a bare knuckled brawl!
    I have a sword. Are you sure you want to fight me?

    Guess what? You won the fight!

    Phew! I thought I was a goner!
    I didn't want to fight in the first place.
    You went too far. I hope you learned your lesson.
    Nobody won. We agreed to disagree on certain matters.
    How did I win? I didn't try!
    Run away so you can live to see another day!!
    Of course I won. Someone like you is no match for me.

    What is/was your best subject at school?

    Drama. A good excuse to be somebody else for a couple hours.
    French. Languages bring people together!
    History. To know the future, you must know the past.
    Music. One day I will be a rock god. You'll see.
    Anything art related. I love drawing.
    Science. Testing, recording results, understanding the world, that's the life.
    School sucks. I only go there to see my friends.
    English. Telling elaborate tales is my specialty.

    What do you like most about yourself?

    I don't like anything about myself.
    I dunno. Ask someone else. Everyone loves me!
    My outlook on life. I've got it all figured out.
    I have life experience. I know things.
    I'm really creative.
    I'm super ripped. I could lift a house!
    A human like you would never understand.
    My kindness and compassion for others.

    Where would your ideal date be?

    Going to a concert. Even if I don't like the band. I'd do it for them.
    I'm up for anything!
    A quiet night in. Just me and my date.
    Somewhere far away from my house and creepy family.
    Maybe a trip to an art gallery? I don't know..
    A long walk on the beach.
    I don't have any interest in dating. So there.
    Dinner at an expensive restaurant. Then back to my place >:P

    If you could have any super power, what would it be?

    I want to be able to go back in time and change things.
    I'd want to speak any language. Imagine the friends I'd make!
    I just want to be able to control my dreams.
    Superpowers always have bad side effects. No thanks.
    I want to be able to fly. Or create worlds I could go into.
    I want to control fire!!! That looks so cool!
    The power to heal anyone back to perfect health.

    Would you use your super power for good or evil?

    I dunno about good or evil, but I'd protect my friends.
    I'd travel the world seeking out problems to solve. I'd be famous!!
    I would keep my power to myself and not help anyone... It's my power.
    I'd use my power to help those in need, but for a price.
    I'd help anyone who asked. Doesn't matter who they are.
    I'd try to do good, but I'd slip into evil once or twice. Being evil looks really fun.
    For evil, of course. My goal is world domination.
    I wouldn't use my power for good, but I'd use it to destroy evil forever. :)

    For the purpose of this question, all of your friends gather in one room. What do you see?

    Good memories during tough times.
    A room full of people I love!
    An empty room. :(
    A bunch of random encounters that just seemed to tolerate me.
    I see people who make me happy.
    A bunch of weirdos.
    One or two very loyal companions. I hate everyone else.
    A record of those I've helped and those who have helped me.

    Which would you rather be? Arfri, Shifter, or Seer?

    What do those things even mean?
    I want to be a Seer! I've always wanted to read minds!
    Those lifestyles are gifts based on lineage. As if you could "choose" to be one.
    Anything but a Seer. Being a Seer is suffering.
    An Arfri. Fairy warriors seem kind of magical, don't they?
    A shifter! You get to fly around in space and fight evil! :D
    I "am" an Arfri.
    I wonder if it's possible to be all three?

    Have you ever seen a ghost?

    Let's not talk about ghosts. They creep me out.
    One time, I saw my grandma standing at the top of the stairs!!
    Ghosts don't exist. Obviously.
    Some of my best friends are ghosts, actually.
    I'd like to believe that ghosts exist, but I've never seen one.
    Nobody notices me, so technically I'm already a ghost...
    I plan to be the scariest ghost that ever haunted anyone.
    Forget the dead. The living are much more interesting.

    You see a cat stuck up a tree! What do you do?

    Nothing. I don't like cats. It can stay there.
    Oh no!!! Somebody get a ladder!! call the fire department! The police! The prime minister!!
    Cats can get down by themselves. Leave it alone, it'll only scratch whoever tries to help it.
    Call my friends and perform an elaborate ritual to bring the cat back to earth.
    Take a photo, sketch the cat, and write a poem from the cat's perspective.
    I'd climb the tree and hang out with the cat all day. You see a cat, I see a friend.
    I'd throw things until it came down. Or fell down. >:)
    Find a ladder and rescue it myself. Then I'd call the owner and return the cat to its home.

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