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This is dedicated to all those who died in anime. I know it's not that good.....but I didn't really know how to make it look good. These are all the deaths that I thought were especially sad. Now, the Tetsuo one isn't really sad, but the way he killed everyone was sad, he did it without controlling himself.

Anyways, the point of making a sad picture. I was listening to Setsunai Omoi from Hell Girl, and it was SOOOOOOOO SAAAAAAADDD!!! I also saw somebody make a sad amv of it, so that gave me an idea! My idea is to make an EXTREMELY sad AMV about all the EXTREMELY SAD deaths in anime. But I need help! Please comment on this picture if you know an extremely sad death in anime that made you cry. And it has to be a major character. I'm saying that so that Hell Girl fans like myself don't tell me to do ALL of the sad episode in Hell Girl.

Oh! I just encountered a problem! I want to use Setsunai Omoi, but that's not even 2 minutes long, so I have to find some other extremely sad music. Got any ideas? I'll dedicate this AMV to theO for being SOO AWESOME! ^ ^ Also, if you tell me of your ideas for really sad music, be sure it has a video on youtube, because I don't know where else to find music that easy.

Another thing! If you guys DO give me suggestions of sad deaths/music I'll put your screenname in the credits! ^ ^ They'll be LOOONG credits.

So, please tell me of really sad deaths, I want a really touching amv.

That was just copy and pasted because I was too lazy to type it all again, so it may refer to a picture rather than a wallpaper.

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