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Render = That

Yuji | Fire | Moar Fire | Stars | Embers | Fuzetsu | City

Made in Photoshop CS5

Title taken from this Song~

As you can tell A LOT of resources were used in the creation of this wallpaper. I made this as a tribute to Shakugan no Shana. I just recently finished watching throught the full series plus its 4 episode OVA. I really enjoyed it. A lot happened, loved the animation, music, and battle sequences. Overall it told a nice story. One of the best animes I've watched for a long time.

All I knew is I wanted to make a wallpaper for Shakugan no Shana Final. I played around with the idea of having other characters in there. I finally settled on a decent quality screencap of Yuji in his evil overlord form. I added stars and a fuzetsu circle as a tribute to all the battles they've been through. I tried to make this as epic as I could. It took a ton of hard work but I am very happy with how it turned out. I love the render of Shana I ended up using. It just fit perfect with my theme. The stars are actually a reference to Seirei-den (aka the palace in the stars) from the final series.

That being said. I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper. Took me a couple hours to complete overall. It is my first time making a wallpaper like this style. Feedback would be appreciated.

Since I can't think of one single person to dedicate it to. I dedicate it to ALL of my friends here on theO. Thank you for being awesome friends these past 9 years.

Shakugan no Shana Wallpapers
city, crimson realm, embers, epic, fantasy, fire, flame haze, flames, fuzetsu, general, master, mystes, sakai yuji, shakugan no shana, shakugan no shana final, shana, sword, sword on fire, yuji
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