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A Random RP Appeared! XD

Look, a random RP!!

Just for fun. XD

Arrival (dis-colour)

This is a short piece I wrote for DA's role-play group, "dis-colour", about the events surrounding Khalil's arrival at the Facility. Hope you like it! ________________________________________________________________________________...

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My Recent Obsession...

...is this RP group on Deviant Art called "dis-colour". It caught me with its distinctive world and premise. Next thing I know, I create a character and I'm all invested. XD Which is bad, since that group is currently bent on destroying the h...

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The Boy in the Park

A short crossover story based around the OC Universe -- This is how Reka and Naoyuki met and kinda got used to each other. ____________________________________________________________________ When I first met him, he was curled...

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School's Out!

I finished my portfolio class! :D Now I just gotta finish ploppin' text and images into my portfolio, so I can (get the thing printed and) apply for some jobs!!