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Digimon vs. Pokemon

So, did you hear that they're releasing a sequel to Digimon? There was a nice article on Anime News Network (ANN) about why Digimon is still popular ...

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Update/A Bit Late, But OCtober Sounds Fun?

I'm seeing all these cool OCtober pics, and I'm really interested in trying it! Maybe it will give me some motivation to draw more.

I've been in a bit of a rut lately, especially since starting the full-time job -- I've only really been doing my single drawing a week for the 2015 Sketch Marathon. The more details I promised about the job: basically, I'm updating the online content for multiple brands. The office seems nice; the hours are pretty good. It's my third week or so on the job, and I'm finally getting into the rhythm of it.

So far, so good.

Hope everybody's doing okay! ^^


A site called wallpart.com is selling art gathered from around the internet! They seem to work like Pinterest, where somebody goes around and snags the URLs or whatever and then asks the site to print it.

What I can say somewhat optimistically is this: Most of the artwork they've taken is not watermarked. So, if you're not doing it already, watermark your art, or whatever you have to do to make it harder to steal!

Little Update

Starting at a full-time position this week! So I may not be here as much. More details later, when I get into the swing of things. ;)

A Random RP Appeared! XD

Look, a random RP!!

Just for fun. XD