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Dream Weavers App: Isabel

Name: Isabel Torres (Prefers to be called "Izzy" or "Isa") Age: 17 Gender: Female Heig...

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What's Going On?

What's going on with theO?

I hopped on yesterday apparently right after the eCards and Mobile wallpapers were taken down. I'm really upset to see the eCards go -- those were unique to theO, and we have so many amazing designers! As I said in my comment on Adam's official post, even DA with all its talent doesn't have the beautiful Wallpapers and graphics that I see here. (And even the less "artful" eCards could still be quite fun.)

I really don't know how to feel about all this... It's happening right at the same time that theO has been seeing so little activity. Reading everyone's posts and emergency contacts has made me a bit anxious, too. I hope the updates that Adam mentioned will help.

What can we do? XxArrancarFanxX was sharing links to theO over on DA. I did a two-part feature of current and past artists from theO last month. Do you think little promos like this could help? (I'm looking into a Premium here, too, if money is the issue.)

What's going on with me (mini-update)

On the personal side, it's same old with me -- full time job and drawing whenever I have the motivation (usually weekends, after I've stored up some ideas).

During the week, I'm more on the writing side of things. I'm re-reading my stories and making tweaks. I'm RPing over on DA and writing a bit for that. I'm actually drawing more than what you're seeing, too, as I'm doing art of other people's OCs for that RP and don't want to post them here without the owners' permission. If you want to take a look at those, here are a couple links:
dis-colour stuff
More with DA artists' OCs (mostly dis-colour)

TheO's still home base, and I'm always sneaking about (even if I don't always have much/know what to say.) Reviews on the way from me, and I'm cooking up some ideas. School's back in for some/many of you guys, hope all's going well! Best wishes to everybody! *hugs*

Ask Us!! - Question 12

MetalLegendAlpha (DA): How do you type with boxing gloves on?!


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Ask Us!! - Question 11

MetalLegendAlpha (DA): Would you all like to hop on the bandwagon?


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Never Thought I'd Be Marathonning RWBY

I was curious about RWBY when it first came out and my brother showed me the trailers. But when I actually watched it, the characters were so different from the way I'd imagined them based on their art/designs, and I didn't like the voices or the CG. So I dropped it partway through season 1.

After Judai was raving about how good the latest season of RWBY is, I found myself giving it another try. And now I'm marathonning it. XD

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