The "Rebels" Trainees

These are the initial designs of the eight trainees in The Rebels of Planet Aadau. I drew this in 2001 and entered it (and many other drawings) into my high school's anime club contest. Didn't win anything, though.

In hindsight, I have a lot of problems with this drawing. Meh-Eh-Vah looks like a mutant Scyther clone. And why is Meh-Eh-Eh standing on her hind legs? (If you read the first chapter of "Rebels" you'll know what I'm talking about.) And Meh-Eh-Tiu just looks... weird.

I shouldn't be so hard on my past self. After all, it was like the fourth time I ever attempted anything anime-related.

Just so you have a frame of reference, this is what they look like now. And by "now" I mean quite a few years ago.