((This my first post and I couldn't be more proud of myself!! Enjoy!))


"Don't be difficult, Maria," Edward Cullen whispered in my ear, staring at me with his beautiful molten gold eyes. For a minute, I was lost.

"What if I want to be difficult?" I grumbled, tossing my hair lightly over my shoulder, and crossing my arms.

"Too bad," he hissed, grabbing my arms, uncrossing them, and pulling my head into a lock against his chest. "You won't be the hunted anymore; you'll be the huntress."

"Bet you anything I'll eventually be the hunted again," I said, but now in a softer voice, mesmerized by his face.


"I'll come quietly, but that doesn't mean I'll like it." He chuckled and dragged me to the door and pulled me out. "I'm perfectly capable of walking myself."

He rolled his eyes. "You said 'quietly'. In my book, this isn't quiet." I laughed.

"I guess our books are different, then."

"Come on," Edward soothed.

"We have all eternity to do this," I growled. "And we have to do it now."

"Of course, love," he said, with a crooked smile. "But you know, if you don't get the proper amount of nutrition, you could die." Of course, he had to play that card.

"Alright, let's go," I said in total defeat. He winked assuringly, but I was still just as nervous. I was going hunting. Today.

"There should be a herd of deer just over that bend in the river. Do you see it?" Edward's finger pointed towards a plentiful amount of deer taking sips out of the river. They smelled good to me, but I hesitated, not sure of myself. I glanced around..and there was Jacob.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I growled, noticing Nessie sleeping in his arms.


"How the hell is that helping?"

"I dunno."

"Go away."

"Say please."

"Go away, please."

"Get down on your knees and beg."

"Fine, you can 'help'. But you better not disturb me, or you're a dead wolf, Jacob Black." I put acid into every inch of my words.

"Alright. I'll keep quiet, if..." He glanced at me quickly. " let me brush your hair."

"What the hell kind of bargain is that?!" I screeched under my breath.

"A good one. And...if you don't agree, I'll scare away all your prey."

"It's not like we can't chase them," Edward added.

"Whatever. Fine." I looked back at the deer. It looked like the largest female was drinking now, as well as several babies. They looked so peaceful, so serene.....they looked like lunch. I quickly smoothed out my England t-shirt and my jeans, running my fingers through my hair. An eagle had perched on a branch and was tending to a nest of baby eagles. "I'm ready."

I ran without warning; my feet were making no sound on the wet ground. My skin sparkled in the sun, as I raced through a small clearing. The deer seemed to notice the sparkle and looked up for any trace of whatever had done it. The buck and the largest female glanced at each other; as if confronting each other on whether to run away or continue drinking. Then, I struck. The deer made no sound as a dug my teeth into their throats and sucked the blood; it felt good in my throat. Delicious. I glanced up to see Edward seizing a larger adult female. He did it with absolute grace. I began to drink again, this time faster and more easily. My senses were taking control and I was giving in. Then, I smelled them. I didn't want to be a huntress anymore. I had to break away, yet they smelled wonderful......but I needed to get away. I fought with right and wrong. Wrong seemed to be pulling harder, and right was losing miserably. Would I become a monster? I bit into my lip, and closed off my breathing....and I bolted, collapsing at the next tree.

"Thank god," I sighed, their smell still in my line, yet not as strong. I was in control now. A howl came from a little ways across the place from where I smelled the hunters, and a velvet voice blew into my ear.

"I'm sorry." It whispered, and long cold hands wrapped around my shoulders.

"Edward," I said, breathing better now. They were running from the sounds of the wolf.

"Love?" he asked, sitting down on my lap, and pressing his head to my chest. "Are you alright?"

"Yes," I whispered. "I feel like a huntress now, a true one." And I was. A true huntress.