Maundy Thursday is Maundy Thursday...the day before Jesus was put to death. It is the day we remember the Last Supper and Jesus praying in the garden.

Last time I spoke of Lent and what people give up. I personally don't give anything up, but that's me. ;)

This time I want to ask what your church does during Holy Week. Mine has a Maundy Thursday service, which this time was a dinner. We dined in silence on food that they may have eaten at the Last Supper. We also took communion. Tomorrow on Good Friday we will have a small service during the day at my church. Then going into Easter we have a Sunrise service followed by a breakfast potluck (Methodist LOVE potlucks) and then Easter or Resurrection Sunday late service. The choir sings and the bell choir plays. Easter lilies everywhere.

At home my family and I will have an Easter Dinner/Lunch with Ham...and whatever my parents decide to make. It will just be 3 of us this year since my sister can't make it back. But we will end the day by watching my favorite musical...

What about you?
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