This is a world that is dedicated to yandere anime characters.

:NOTE: yandere pics could be scary

Now for those who don't know what yandere character is I will explain

Yandere (my fav) can probably be described as someone who starts off as a nice loving character example Kaede (shuffle) (I loves Kaede) than at some point they feel like they are losing the one they care about the most they start to resort to anything to get there love "anything" here is and example

Be careful with Yanderes they are unpredictable

this makes sense

I found this while pokeing around for more diaries info and well. The text below make complete sense if you have been watching it.*it isn't a post without a picture :3* ...

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Time for the next diary holder 5th

Welcome Welcome its time for a new diary holder today I decided to go with Reisuke Houjou or otherwise known as 5th. ...

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Who is your favorite number

The other day i was asked by one of my friend who was my favorite number well the answer should be simple right ^^ well he was only half right he thought i would say 2nd Yuno Gasai our yandere ...

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Mirai nikki post general summary

Hi there everyone its time to cover Mirai Nikki or The future diary for the english name would have done it three days ago but was too busy ...

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cutting off from higurashi *new yandere*

okay for now i'm cutting off from higurashi just got nooo motivation to continue it so for now dai is gunna be doing a new anime with a yandere dai has been looking for this anime and can't stop thinking about it while in the chat so the yandere w...

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