This world is like the game .hack.

Go here to pick your character for .hack and here to take the quiz to find which character you should be.

Here is the form. Also you can have Job extensions for Adept Rouge just put a / in between them and put Job Extinction in parenthesis and the other class you want. (Note: Job Extensions allow you to use other weapons and you will not start of with any job extensions.) By the way every one JUST starts out on the game so if your wondering why I didn't put a level on the form, that's why. You can also have gruntys. Also pm me or
Amestar: for help and me if you want to post.

Shadowfiend: Ryuunosuke (Leader)
Amestar: Cleo (Co-Leader)
Kiba051095: Hari

1. Max of 3 characters.
2. Can ONLY have up to MILD swearing.
3. Only tell what happens to your guy NOT only about you. You have to talk to some of us sooner or later.
4. I am the Merchant so Pm me if you want to buy, or synthesis things and I will post it.
5. Be nice, like no bad mouthing other people unless it has to do with something in the game like they don't do what you say or something like that.
6. Have fun!


All who are in this world must post soon!
so post

The Rublix

The man, I wonder what he did...

Before I logged out I noticed a guy watching me. I noticed, after I logged out, that I had one new e-mail. "Join us" I clicked on it and read the following:

Join us, we are the Scared Hackers, and we dominate.The world
Become one of us. Go to Cursed Forbidden Paradise to join, to get your amulet, then show me.

Why would you dominate the world...
I must stop them...
I will form a group...
The Rublix...

I logged back onto the world and went to Hidden Eternal Melody. I fought ferociously to get to the end of the dungeon. When I opened the chest at the end, there was weapons inside. I picked out the Twin Blades, then pulled out my own. The new Twin Blades looked different than mine.

I found the Rublix place to get your weapons...

If you are the good guys, you need to go to Hidden Eternal Melody, but you have to get the keyword from Cleo. Join the Rublix!!


The start of the Scard Hackers.

So after I left the high level world I saved and I decided to go to a high level world and avoid the enemies.

Sprinting and Screaming like crazy I went form the start of the stage to the chest at the end and only 5hp left. (Huff Huff Huff Huff Huff)

I opened the chest and I found an amulet and a note. The note said...

Hello, if you find this note that means you must be strong...

'Or able to run fast enough to avoid all the enemies with out dieing'.

...and you have the choice to join me (The Dominator for file name.)
Destroy this note after you are dune reading it.

Well... since there is no quick way to destroy it, so I ate it.

Then I logged out and e-mailed to The Dominator and told him that I would join then he e-mailed me and said say the team name to the amulet and then the amulet will signify the group.

So I did that and I called it the Scard Hackers then I e-mailed every one I saw and the first one I saw was a cat named Cleo...



Kiba051095's Character

Here it is.

Name: Hari
Looks: Short sleeve shirt [black], long black pants [both almost armor-like], dark green scarf
Age: 17
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Black with a slight tint of green, short hair in the back, long in the front and a side bang covering left eye, almost boy cut
Class: Twin Blade
Personality: quiet, has some trust issues, but will work with others with little
Good or Bad: Good
Gender: Female

One new newbie

I logged in to The World. I looked down to see fur and claws!!
I looked around then went to a level 2 place to learn how to play. I finished the dungeon after a long time, and at the end I found some Twin Blades. I decided that I would use those.

I went back to the server and looked around some more. I saw a guy that looked like he was hurt pretty badly...

Hope this was okay!