Hey-o!! This is where I will be posting all my little doodles and such! These are the things that I either:

  • don't feel like uploading to TheO because they're not good enough, or
  • these are some WIPs that I will upload in the future when I actually finish them.

    It doesn't need to be said that if you like a certain doodle and want me to finish and upload it, let me know!! :3

  • Drawing #40

    And here's a picture I drew (on Tegakie) of Tira drawing her bow and arrow! The use of perspective here was probably my first. I used a reference drawing but I can't find it anymore. ...

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    Drawing #39

    One of the people in the TegakieMewMew group on Tegakie started a cosplay meme, where you draw your Mew or Alien as one of the canon characters. I drew Tira as Keiichiro, and everyone loved it X3 ...

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    Drawings #37-38

    Whoo! Tiramisu, Tiramisu, and even MORE Tiramisu! This post and the next two posts will be more art of her. These probably DID come one right after the other chronologically. Here's two chibis of her I doodled on Tegakie! ...

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    Drawings #35-36

    First drawing of the TMM alien Tiramisu. I joined the group TegakieMewMew on TegakiE. So therefore, TeMM. ...

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    Drawings #33-34

    This was going to be a banner for his personal world! Never got used, though. ...

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