Hey-o!! This is where I will be posting all my little doodles and such! These are the things that I either:

  • don't feel like uploading to TheO because they're not good enough, or
  • these are some WIPs that I will upload in the future when I actually finish them.

    It doesn't need to be said that if you like a certain doodle and want me to finish and upload it, let me know!! :3

  • Oh god... my first comic attempt... (art #8-11)

    I never got past the second page of this. HHAHAHA. Enjoy the first two scenes of a story that will never be told! ...

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    Old art #5-7

    Oh, you thought I was done? BWAHAHAHA!! No, I have many more terrible drawings to show y'all. Here's three more. XD I remember drawing this i...

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    First up! Old art #1-4

    Hey and welcome to the first post in my new doodles world!! First thing's up! I will show y'all all my REALLY DINOSAUR OLD drawings that SUCK MAJOR BALLS so I never uploaded them to TheOtaku. I'm kinda ashamed of these, but I would like them to be...

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