Hey-o!! This is where I will be posting all my little doodles and such! These are the things that I either:

  • don't feel like uploading to TheO because they're not good enough, or
  • these are some WIPs that I will upload in the future when I actually finish them.

    It doesn't need to be said that if you like a certain doodle and want me to finish and upload it, let me know!! :3

  • #250 and #251

    Lamby and I hung out last week, and we kept joking about Fiona and Nyarth gags, and about memes, because we are meme trash. Well here you go, Lamby. Our precious babies, in their swimwear, with memes. ...

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    Drew my mayor, her assistant Sarras, and Curt the bear helping Alice the Koala move in! ...

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    I drew Benson from Regular Show, wearing his fancy suit! ...

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    Drew my ACNL mayor and Pango and Isabelle waiting for our newest resident, the adorable Cyrano! ...

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    #246 - Blastoise!

    I'm still working through all the paintings I said I'd paint for my friends for Christmas... here's what my friend Jon wanted: a Blastoise! (i totally referenced the blastoise I drew many years ago, heh) ...

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