Old art #5-7

Oh, you thought I was done? BWAHAHAHA!! No, I have many more terrible drawings to show y'all. Here's three more. XD

I remember drawing this in 8th grade. The thing on the left is Hiccup, he's a little character from a manga called Last Hope. The chibi on the right, I remember I thought it was the cutest thing ever. PAHAHAHA. Now I look at it and I'm repulsed. fffff-

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Those two, they were my first OCs I ever created!! The girl is Katherine and the boy... Nyarm. Hahahaha. I have four fanarts of them two in the beginning of my fan art portfolio, and then I never drew them again. I moved on to Tokyo Mew Mew, my first fandom. <3 I'll show y'all some art from TMM sometime later :3

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This was a Paint sketch of a guy I liked in Freshman year of high school. And only freshman year. I realized he was a gross jerk and now I make sure to stay away from him. XDD