Hey guys, I'll be doing another livestream session very soon! Maybe in half an hour!!!! It's 9:34pm central US time right now and I'll do it soon.

I'll be continuing on coloring my Pokemon Party picture! I keep doing a little bit every day, so that's why it's taking so long. I'm finally done all the gijinkas, now I'll start coloring the scenery! Gotta find a cool wallpaper to put on the walls, and a tile for the kitchen...

When I start, it'll be here!!


Well, it's 1:22am here and I stopped! I did so much work on the background. Just gotta work on the table and cabinets in the kitchen, and shade the streamers, and a couple of little details like the beer cans and doorknob and stuff :> It's coming along wonderfully!!

I'm using a lot of textures and pictures from the internet, but I'm keeping track of all their URLs in a Notepad for when I submit the pic XD

I saved the video as Pokemon Party - Coloring the Background, so if you wanna go over and watch some, there's the link to my livestream!!~