Drawings #222-225

A few months ago I started drawing my headcanons for the different forms of Khajiit! Because, you know, they can have different forms depending on which moon/s they were born under. :>

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I loosely followed canon, but also made my own interpretations. Little is known about the Dagi and Tojay, so I got to make up my own designs :D

I decided to put the specific names of each under the last picture, these are loosely average heights of all of them in comparison with each other. I know there’s some differences with the ‘raht’ versions of each, etc. I didn’t want to specify whether the ones I drew were the regular or raht forms.

Senche - ‘the size of a large horse’

Pahmar - size of a tiger/lion etc

Dagi - live in treetops, magic users, I feel like they’d be bigger, leaner cats with longer legs, half-bipedal and half-quad.

Alfiq - housecat sized, or a little bigger.

Cathay - large enough to ride on the Senche, way taller than man and mer, and since they are described as ‘jaguar men’ I imagine them digitigrade.

Suthay - the height of man/mer, mostly humanoid shape but with a very feline head. They can either be plantigrade or digitigrade.

Tojay - NOTHING is known. So I thought they’d look like a middle point between the furry Suthay and the elven-looking Ohmes. With pointy, furry ears on the sides of head, usually tails, plantigrade. I imagine that some of them resemble the characters from CATS the musical. HAHA.

Ohmes - looks like bosmer, somestimes can have tails, sometimes not. Pointy mer ears, barely feline nose.

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And some doodles of their facial profiles.