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About Me!

Name: Danielle; but you can also call me Dani or Eneko!
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: October 22, 1992
Gender: genderfluid, all pronouns loved!!!
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Orientation: demiromantic graysexual, in a relationship
Occupation: I work for Louisiana's tax and revenue division!
Favorite Music: I heavily favor lyricless songs, but I like some wordy ones too. Cartoon, video game and movie soundtracks, classical, 30s/40s/50s music, electro-swing, older country, electronic, The Beach Boys, and Green Day.
Favorite Books/Series: The Ghatti's Tale by Gayle Greeno; Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey; Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams; The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, the Kushiel's Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey.
Favorite Movies: The Hobbit, The Emperor's New Groove, Lego Movie, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory
My biggest fandoms: top three? Elder Scrolls, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon.
Personality: People have told me I'm always super-happy and I am really optimistic about everything. I don't take anything for granted, and appreciate every little thing. Sometimes my honest enthusiasm about everything comes off as childish, but I am a mature person. I laugh a LOT too. And I have the hugest appetite, despite my small stature. Also I'm naturally intelligent, but I find it hard to concentrate on many things, and my memory suffers because of it too. I love video games, tv, Tumblr, drawing, reading, cosplaying, and eating. I talk to myself A LOT.
I Hate: the mall; smokers and drugs; Porn of kid shows or ones I've grown up watching; rulebreakers; I hate being wrong; I hate when people copy offa me. I hate the act of body-shaming.
I Love: my (deceased) cat, Peanut; I love feeling important to certain people in my life; Pokemon, Skyrim, and Animal Crossing are my top 3 fandoms. I also love: Adventure Time; Regular Show; AtLA; LoK; Steven Universe; Chowder; Scrubs; Psych; Fallout; Tumblr; coffee; EVERY CAT IN THE WORLD.

Other Sites I'm a Member of!:

DeviantArt: Eneko-wweh
Tumblr: Spoopy-eneko
Skype name: Nyarthy-kun
Livestream channel: Right over here!!!
Aaaaand, here's my Facebook account. You can have it! Danielle!!

Cardinal Watch! #8

I missed Friday and Saturday's pics! ;A; and now there's only ONE BIRDIE LEFT!!! I'm so sad. I wanted to see both of them grow up... *sniff* I had fun watching them.

Here's the one that's left, it definitely has lotsa feathers, enough to let it fly. That's my guess; the other birdie either left the nest for good, fell out trying to fly, or was out practicing flying when I checked up on the nest.

Eneko out!

Cardinal Watch! #5

(taken on Thursday) The birdies are really getting feathers now! It won't be long before they fly away for good!!! :'(

Eneko out!

Cardinal Watch! #4

One of the babies was awake today. His (or her?) eyes were completely open and he was staring at me. I seriously heard him say "What're YOU lookin' at?!"

Eneko out!

Cardinal Watch! #3

Took another picture yesterday! The babies were facing their butts to me so I held the camera around the other side of the nest. I'm not sure, are they gaining more feathers?

Eneko out!

Cardinal Watch! #2

Today I barely had time to take this picture because Momma and Pops were both around. Their 'warning! warning!' call is a small, short, shrill chirp and they both were goin' at it fast. So I hurried, took the picture, and scurried off before they thought I was going to eat their birdies. Here you can see both their wittle heads! Aww!

Disclaimer: XD

And I never will touch them. Cuz they might give me rabies. Eww.
Hey, it's a good reason. And that rumor, that if you touch a baby bird, then its mom wont accept it and she may eat her baby, yeah. THAT'S NOT TRUE. I have my sources. But don't go around touching birdies for the fun of it. We may have a rabies epidemic. And I will blame YOU!

Hee hee~ I like pretending to be mean. It's fun.

Eneko Out!