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To-Do List

About Me!

Name: Danielle; but you can also call me Dani or Eneko!
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: October 22, 1992
Gender: genderfluid, all pronouns loved!!!
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Orientation: demiromantic graysexual, in a relationship
Occupation: I work for Louisiana's tax and revenue division!
Favorite Music: I heavily favor lyricless songs, but I like some wordy ones too. Cartoon, video game and movie soundtracks, classical, 30s/40s/50s music, electro-swing, older country, electronic, The Beach Boys, and Green Day.
Favorite Books/Series: The Ghatti's Tale by Gayle Greeno; Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey; Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams; The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, the Kushiel's Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey.
Favorite Movies: The Hobbit, The Emperor's New Groove, Lego Movie, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory
My biggest fandoms: top three? Elder Scrolls, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon.
Personality: People have told me I'm always super-happy and I am really optimistic about everything. I don't take anything for granted, and appreciate every little thing. Sometimes my honest enthusiasm about everything comes off as childish, but I am a mature person. I laugh a LOT too. And I have the hugest appetite, despite my small stature. Also I'm naturally intelligent, but I find it hard to concentrate on many things, and my memory suffers because of it too. I love video games, tv, Tumblr, drawing, reading, cosplaying, and eating. I talk to myself A LOT.
I Hate: the mall; smokers and drugs; Porn of kid shows or ones I've grown up watching; rulebreakers; I hate being wrong; I hate when people copy offa me. I hate the act of body-shaming.
I Love: my (deceased) cat, Peanut; I love feeling important to certain people in my life; Pokemon, Skyrim, and Animal Crossing are my top 3 fandoms. I also love: Adventure Time; Regular Show; AtLA; LoK; Steven Universe; Chowder; Scrubs; Psych; Fallout; Tumblr; coffee; EVERY CAT IN THE WORLD.

Other Sites I'm a Member of!:

DeviantArt: Eneko-wweh
Tumblr: Spoopy-eneko
Skype name: Nyarthy-kun
Livestream channel: Right over here!!!
Aaaaand, here's my Facebook account. You can have it! Danielle!!

Cardinal Watch! #1 Pt 3

You know what, the happy couple has babies! Awww! There are two of them. Here's a picture from yesterday. I think they just hatched a few days ago. Because they're baldie-waldies~ XD

Guys, can you help me name them? I'm not sure which are which genders yet but I think I wanna name one Steve. Cuz I like that name for this occasion. List as many cool birdie names you can think of! Some might become their middle names, if not their first names.

Next post will be the picture from today!

Eneko Out!

Cardinal Watch! #1 Pt 2

Here's another picture, a more close-up of the nest. I think you can spot it. It's from the same angle.

CONTINUED because I don't know how to put more than one picture in a post ;(

Cardinal Watch! #1 Pt 1

Hi everyone! A pair of cardinals made a very bad mistake in making a nest outside my kitchen window. Now I can peep in on them! Mwahahahaha. >.>

Right outside our kitchen window is a magnolia tree. There's a branch closer to the house and there they made their nest. Later on I'll have a picture of it.

They're actually Northern Cardinals. I found on Wikipedia that they have a mating ritual where the guy feeds the girl beak-to-beak. I think they look like they're kissing! This picture is the sweetest thing. I named the female Momma and the male one Pops. Here's a link to the pic.

//Edit: NO I DID NOT TAKE THIS PICTURE. Of course not. It's from Birdsandblooms.com I think, cuz the file name says so.

Pair of Cardinals

I took pictures of the nest from my window so here's one of them! I drew an arrow in red to the nest.


Why do people give each other flowers??

To celebrate various important occasions, they're killing living creatures? Why restrict it to plants? "Sweetheart, let's make up. Have this deceased squirrel."

Yeah. Funny.

Okay, so I've been punished like a bajillion times this year. Sorry for inactivity! I love my compy so much that I don' wanna leave her.

Yes my Lappi is a girl. Deal.

I finally drew Anzu and submitted her! And I uploaded more pictures. Now to knock down more of my To-Do-List.

I had the whole week off of school because of Easter! I got lotsa good candy and lots of Peeps. I'm kinda weird: I love stale Peeps best. They're chewier. But now there's school tomorrow... aww.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

... Well, not until Sunday technically. But I'm gonna say it now because now starts my Easter holidays. I get one week off. Hopefully that's enough time to relax.

I found a cool picture off of Google:
External Image
Aren't those Easter eggs cool? I like the designs. Kinda like Vera Bradley.

Anyway, down to business. I have, like three pictures I need to upload to TheO. But my printer/scanner decided to break on me D:< so all of you will need to wait.

Snugglez! I got around to drawing Anzu-chan! I'm really glad I got to draw her. I love her outfits, and she's fun to draw overall! I might draw her again someday. Thanks for letting me, and I will try to have her up soon. I think it's one of my best works (chibi-wise). How weird, it seems I do better when I'm drawing other people's Mews...

Hopefully I can knock down my To Do List a bit, but knowing me, I'll probably not get to it.

Eneko out!