Wow. I have been UNBELIEVABLY BUSY. It's so stressful. I have almost no free time!!! This is my first day I don't have work, but I still have to do homework and errands today. D: No rest for me. I wish I could have a full day to just lay around the house in my pjs and play animal crossing.

Let's see... I haven't told you about my art classes, have I?? They're really cool!! They're studio art classes, so they're three hours every day, two days a week. First off, I have my 2d-design class, which is pretty basic. Here's some of the things I've made in the class!

We had to arrange circles, squares, and rectangles on a grid. I like how this turned out!

We had to make a collage in Photoshop so I did this!!!!

We were playing around with our quill pens, and I drew a tree!

We had to paint a still-life. Sorry it's turned on its side D:

We were working with the balance of dark and light and I did the TARDIS :>

I also did Party God from Adventure Time! (couldn't include his hat though D:)

Next is my Printmaking class!!! I am loving this class. Our first thing was doing lithography! That's basically where you draw onto a limestone, and then roll ink onto it with a giant rolling pin, and then press paper onto the stone, and pull it off and your image is on the paper! (it's also horizontally flipped, too)

You've seen my Tom Hiddleston drawing I posted. That's what I did for this class. When I drew him onto my stone, he didn't come out as well, but he still looks like a human being! Here's the official finished print!! How do you like it?

External Image

This was my previous idea, it was Godtier!John from Homestuck, flying over Prospit's battlefield.

All in all, I really like these classes! They're teaching me about the composition of a piece of art and teaching me how to create images that lead the eye all around the image, and etc. :>

We're starting on our Screen Printing assignment now, but I'll save that for another post!

Eneko out!