Life upd8!

Yooooo! Time for another update. On my life. Where to even start?

Wow, I really appreciate my full-time position! Monday through Friday, in the slow morning at the customer service counter. Easy, laid-back work. I'm making some good money at it, too, because I've been here two years and gotten two raises. :> I don't plan on working here forever of course; I'd like to work somewhere quiet where I sit at a desk and organize files or paperwork... but for now, this job has me content at life.

Living Arrangements:
The "great roommate situation" I had talked about earlier only lasted three blissful months. *sigh* lemme sum this up for you. It was me, Ben, and Becca and Neil who were dating each other. In October, Becca felt like everything was 'too much' and broke up with Neil. Then a week later Ben broke up with his gf. Then Becca and Ben rebounded on each other, and kept hanging out all the time and sleeping in the same room all while Neil (the ex bf) was still living at the apartment.

Then Neil moved out into his gparents' house in November and we got a new roommate, Jordan. But in February, Jordan said something stupid and a girl decided to get legal on him, and he landed in prison unjustly for a night, but he hired a good lawyer to help him get out of this mess... but he's really in debt now, which means I have to pay some of his rent and other bills for him for the time being. So I have a low money situation now. I need all the money I can keep, because...

I also got a new car!!!!!!!!! :D I bought it all by myself, and it's a 2012 Toyota Corolla with a sunroof and in excellent condition. It was really cheap, too - my monthly payments are $275, which is totally in my budget range. And it's a HUGE step up from my old 2000 Nissan Sentra, which was a rolling pile of scrap.

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Not only does the new Becca-Ben pairing make me uncomfortable and upset, but they have started being jerks to me also. I really just need to not live with them anymore. Ugh.

But I do have finalized plans for a new apartment situation! I'll be moving into a complex where a lot of my other friends live, so I'll be closer to my other friends who actually are positive influences on me. I'll be living with this guy named Luke, he's a friend of my friends and he really likes Pokemon. He's also neat and organized. That will be great. We just agreed that we are going to decorate our living room in a Pokemon theme. It's going to be GREAT.

I've been real great! I try to drink some water every day, I eat breakfast 90% of mornings, I make sure to cook as much as I can. Working at a grocery store is great because you can make friends with the Meat Department guys and they give you meat at really low prices. Muahaha. Say 'hello' to two pounds of ground beef for $2.

Digital Art:
I haven't done much in art digitally as of late... I've been busy doing Christmas paintings and working on cosplays.

I had to halt progress on my medieval Pokemon story, The Heroes Within Us... but it's always in the back of my mind, and I will get to work on it more eventually. It's just taking a spot on a back burner for now. :1

My friend Tony has gotten me REALLY into Steven Universe!! I absolutely love the show! Also, I'm rewatching Chowder online, because I really adored the humor of that show and I can't believe they ended/cancelled it.

Physical Art:
You've seen my earrings I've made, I'm sure. I want to make some more clay things in the future, like little statues of Animal Crossing villagers, kinda like what MatchaNest does!! Also, I'd like to make my own spin on little teeny dolls like Pukind does on Tumblr.

Not to say that I'd like to just copy what other people are doing... I have lots of unique ideas I've come up with for items to sell at conventions and on the internet! I still have to think of a unique shop name, though....

I made a latch hook Blastoise rug, also!! Look!
External Image
External Image
In the future, I will make a similar one with a sprite of Charizard, and I'm going to put that up for sale. I know it's going to sell REALLY fast, because everybody loves Charizard. Like, dang. He's really popular.

I've gotten more experience with my new sewing machine!!! :D I have a list of cool clothes I'd like to make for myself one day :D

I'd also really love to make fursuits for people in the future. I've always loved them; the past three years or so my 'furry' side has retreated into the shadows and I believed it to be gone, not really a part of me anymore... but as of last summer, my enthusiasm for fursuiting and furries in general has been VIOLENTLY reawakened. HAHA. Which takes me to my next topic...

I have now completed my Horuss Zahhak cosplay, as well as Cronus Ampora, God Tier Horuss, Christmas Cronus, and Trollcop Terezi. I have future plans of making partial fursuits of Fox and Falco from Starfox, as well as Kabuki and Katt from Animal Crossing, AND my khajiit (from skyrim), Ra'jirr, and my fursona Mocha Brushtail... lots of fursuit ideas. I also want to cosplay Asami and Azula from the Avatar universe; Jasper, Sugilite, and Peridot from Steven Universe, and even Nyarth, my Meowth boy oc. I'll be making a separate post later tonight about my cosplays!!

I ALSO just came back from a convention called Anime Matsuri, so I'll be making a separate post about that too! :>

I guess that's about it for updates... stay tuned for more!
Eneko out!!