Opening Up Commissions!!

I'm in a real bind, guys. Until the 15 of this month, I don't have the money to pay for food for myself. My last paycheck literally JUST covered my rent and other bills. I'm already working 40 hours at my job... I could really use y'all's help. Let me draw you a thing. And you can pay me.

I am broke right now because I got a new job (and during the transition you usually make less), I moved into a new apartment to get away from some toxic people (so new apartment fees like deposit and stuff), I had to get myself a replacement car (my old one was falling apart), and I had to put my beloved 15 year old cat, Peanut, down (it was like $350 to put him down and cremate him, which meant a LOT to me to do)....... so I am behind on my funds.


Thank you so MUCH, my lovelies. Even if you can't buy anything, please spread the word to your friends and see if anyone would like to have me draw something for them!!! ;w;

Eneko out.