Mid-summer Updates!

Of course, for most of the country it's probably already fall, or starting to cool down for the fall season. Not here in Louisiana, though. It's still 102 degrees most days, at the height of the day. It's miserable.

Anyway! Since I made the commissions post, I've been getting more hours at Chase. My manager worked together with another branch to pick up more hours for me, and what I've been doing is working the mornings at one branch, getting an hour off in between to eat and drive, and then work the afternoons at another branch, downtown. So I basically work 9am-6pm M-F, and another 5 hours on Saturdays. It all adds up to 40 hours or more per week.
So my last paycheck was pretty huge, and I had like $150 left after paying my bills. All the hours I've been working have started to catch up with my paychecks.

But like, I get paid tomorrow.... and it's a HUGE paycheck. Like, I'll have $400 left after paying bills, paying off my credit card in full, and paying my mom all the money I've been owing her. I don't remember the last time I got a paycheck that large. Other than the last check I got from the grocery store, which had my regular pay PLUS my earned vacation pay that I didn't cash in on.

And I'm getting paid just in time for LAMBY to come visit for a week!! They've been saving lots of money and they finally have a chance to fly down to see me for a WHOLE WEEK. We're going to get lots of work done on my The Heroes Within Us story, and we're going to make TONS of food and sweets, and we're going to watch so many cute disney/pixar movies together. I'm so excited.

On another note! I have a friend who got a job working for the state government, and lately she's started helping me get a job working at the same place! Last Tuesday I got the interview set up, they really liked me. And this morning, I officially signed the papers!! I officially am going to work for the state of Louisiana in a week!!!!

It's a desk job, guaranteed 40hours a week, with amazing state benefits and retirement plan. I've got it made, apparently. I'm excited. I never really planned on working for the government. But this opportunity arose and I think it's best for me to take it. I will miss Chase though. Everyone was so sweet there. I'll miss them.

Been continuing to work on my medieval Pokemon story, The Heroes Within Us! It's been slow work lately, because I'm waiting on a number of people to help me with information. But yeah. Super excited to one day write the story. I can't just jump into it yet, though. Gotta world-build! It's fun to design the world where I'll be writing about one day!

Also, been making sure I draw at least SOMETHING every month, so that in December when I make my annual Yearly Art Summary, I'll have something to show for every month. :D

That's it for now!
Eneko out!