Life update! [part 1]

Man, I've been meaning to make another life update for a while now. I finally remembered! I'll probably have to separate this into multiple posts because it'll be long. Here's what's been happening to me since August, the last time I updated:

During my last week at Chase, Lamby flew down to visit me. I had to work that whole week, and asked for the last day off of work to be able to bring them back to the airport. My supervisor had granted my request a month prior. THEN, right before Lamby arrived, my boss told me that I now had to work that day because another coworker was getting breast reduction surgery that day. Um, excuse me? I asked off a month ago, AND you granted it. You can't take that back. That's bad practice.

I was convinced by tons of people - even my mother and my all-knowing, very mature friend Laura - that I should just up and quit Chase the next day. I already landed the job at the state department of revenue, so it's not like I needed to keep the job at Chase. And I never planned on getting rehired at Chase anyway. I'd also have more time to spend with Lamby while they stayed with me.

So... that Tuesday, I worked my regular shift and then promptly went to my supervisor and turned my keys in. Everyone gave me death glares, but nobody started fussing at me. I think the tension was equally as scary, though... I was waiting for someone to start blowing up. *shudders* That was one of the scariest things I've had to go through! I'd not have quit Chase like that if my mother and other friends hadn't convinced me it was alright to do.

Anyway, I proceeded to have a wonderful rest of the week with Lamby, we made Cookie Cats from Steven Universe, and I took them to see New Orleans and got beignets at Cafe du Monde. We also found a place near my apartment that sold bubble tea! We had a blast together and we agreed that I would go visit them in Pennsylvania where they live, soon.

Then I started my new job on August 24th! Working as an "administrative coordinator" for the Louisiana department of revenue - essentially, sitting at a desk and keying tax returns into the computer all day. Yes, it seems boring, as all data entry jobs are. And I'm basically working for the devil. Haha. But, it's got so many perks and pros, which greatly outweigh the cons.

  • get a kickass retirement plan, access to great health and dental insurances
  • park in a parking garage, out of the hot Louisiana heat
  • get to sit down all day (I used to work retail where I'd have to stand for 8-9 hours straight.... this is a HUGE PRO)
  • no longer in customer service - I don't have to talk to anybody except my coworkers and supervisor
  • nice, quiet, comfy office, with my own cubicle
  • get to keep and eat snacks at my desk all day
  • get to listen to an mp3 player while I work
  • better pay than I had at Chase
  • consistent schedule, 40 hours, 7am-3:30pm M-F, leaving all weekends free
  • we get SO many holidays off from work, and we even get out early the day before a holiday, too.
  • it's a VERY easy job - easiest job I've ever had.

So yeah. As you can see, I think this job is really nice. I can afford a lot nicer stuff for myself. This is great. I'm very lucky and glad to have this opportunity!

I'll post another update probably tomorrow morning. It's pretty late here and I need to go to bed.

Eneko out!