Life update! [part 2]

Welcome back for another installment in my life updates. Let's get to it.

In September, I started reading the Redwall series, and finished in January. I loved them, they were very cute and the characters were all so diverse. I had a couple qualms with the morality in the books, but other than that they were nice. The plots tended to get a little repetitive, but I could overlook that because of the other good aspects.
If you want to read my official full opinion on the Redwall books, click this!

Lessee, what else.

In October, I did the Inktober thing, where you draw something every day in the month with one of those dip pens. It was a very nice exercise for me. I'm definitely going to do something like that this year, too!

In January, I flew up to spend the MLK weekend with Lamby! I had a ton of fun even if my stay was only a couple of days. I went to the Hershey museum and tried 6 different drinking chocolates from around the world! And we went to a farm show and saw tons of beautiful cows and a sculpture made entirely from butter.

I've realized I can't make it to Anime Matsuri this year, because I won't be able to take off work to go to it, because I'm still in probation. But I'll buy my tickets in advance and go next year for sure!
I am going to MechaCon in July, though. And I'm going to cosplay Varrick from Legend of Korra! I've bought the patterns I'll need for the outfit already, and bookmarked some wigs too.

One more update and then I'll be good!
Eneko out.