Geez, it's the end of April already?!

The year 2016 is going even faster than 2015...

I haven't been up to much recently, mostly just waiting for my cat and getting tv series off my to do list. I watched all of Gargoyles and absolutely LOVED it!!! Now I'm watching Gravity Falls, finally.

I've started work on my Varrick cosplay from LoK! I've sewed the pants and bought the boots so far. I've also bought the fabric I'll need for the shirt and coat and spats. I've decided to use my real hair for this cosplay, since I already have the right hair color for it. I just need to grow it out a tad so it's long enough!

When I get free chances at work, I've been typing up a short story about my Redwall ocs on Microsoft Word. It's already like, four chapters. I've planned out how the whole story will go, so hopefully I'll finish it this time. I have this habit of starting stories and never finishing them...

And that will be a good warm-up for my huge Medieval Pokemon story I'm planning to write soon! It's been so long since I have written anything creative, so it's good that I'm doing the short Redwall story as practice.

Eneko out!