All About TheOtaku Worlds

Table of Contents
x.) Introduction [intro]
1.) How To Make a World [howto]
2.) World Introductions [wdint]
3.) How to Add Guest Posters [guest]
4.) Designing the World [desgn]
5.) On to Your First Post! [pstng]
6.) Conclusion [concl]

Introduction [intro]

I'm writing this guide on TheOtaku worlds for anyone who may be interested in what there is to do on the Worlds, or for whom the Worlds may be confusing. And for my personal use.

How To Make a World [howto]

So you've decided to take a leap and make a World. Congratulations. But what, you don't know HOW to make one? Here's how.

From TheOtaku homepage, click on Backroom in the left-hand box. In the page that follows, there are two colored bars of navigation up at the top - one is dark blue and one is light blue. Click Worlds Editor on the dark blue one. You are now at the "Create a World" page.

From here, you can name your new World. It doesn't matter if someone already has used a title; you can make four Worlds named All About Me, for all I care. Next up is the URL. This one needs to be unique, because TheOtaku is NOT Google, so it can't display search results for a specific page. I think. You may have to use numbers in the URL.

Next you have to make up a one-line description for your World. I don't know where this shows up, but I think you have to type one. If your World has a theme, select it in the drop-down box that is below the one-line description. If not, then you can leave it blank.

If you want your World to have tags, then add them, separated by commas, in the next box. Lastly is the privacy of your World. You can choose it to be open to everyone, to just members, or only you. Whatever floats your boat. All you have to do now that you've filled in the World form is click the Create World button!

Also, if you want to edit an existing World, then click on Edit in the light blue bar at the top.

World Introductions [wdint]

Following the light blue bar, click on Introduction. Here, to quote the text,
"The introduction is the most important part of your WORLD. It's where you put any links, images, or featured content that you always want to keep at the top."

Select a World to edit, and type what you want to in the text box. You have a choice to add in a YouTube video or a picture. To add a YouTube video:

"Type the URL of the YouTube video you'd like to add and type : video : above where you'd like it to appear"
To add a picture:
"Images must be JPG only. Upload and type : image : above where you'd like it to appear"
Then click the Edit Introduction button.
Note: when I say : image : or : video :, leave out the spaces between the words and the colons.

How to Add Guest Posters [guest]

Next you can click on the Guest Posters link. Here you can add people who can have the special privelage of being able to add something to your World. Separate them by commas!

Designing the World [desgn]

This is the fun part. You get to choose what pretty colors your World has. Select a World, then you get to choose a color scheme for the posts and main body of your World. There are three catagories in the drop-down lists: white background, black background, and special. You can always edit this later, so feel free to experiment.

Behind your main body, you can upload a background image. Of course, it can only be a JPG. Then choose how the image is positioned, the font of your texts, and the pretty colors. Look to the right to see a very spiffy interact-ible color chart. Pretty cool, huh?

On to Your First Post! [pstng]

You are finally ready to begin posting! Click Post in the dark blue bar up top and follow the directions. There are five different types of posts (keep in mind that I hardly know anything about them):

  • Life - this is probably about your real-world life or maybe your drawing life.
  • Essay - this is for works of (probably) nonfiction. I dunno.
  • Feature - maybe this is for contest alerts, results, or etc.
  • Fiction - here you could post a fanfic or something.
  • Guide - you're writing a guide, like I am here.

After you finish typing what ever you want, enter the tags, optional add a video or a picture, and you have two options. The first one is "Shorten to a new page". This is good if you have a really long post and you want to make a link to it on a separate page. Pretty straight-forward. "Nominate for fan words publication" is basically what it says. I don't have much experience with this.

From the same light blue bar you can post on other peoples' Worlds or edit a post you made.

Conclusion [concl]

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little guide. I just made a World recently and probably don't know all there is to know. Actually, I know that. Anyway, this guide is just for the absolute noobs like me who need some serious help with Worlds. If I left out an important detail or got a fact wrong, please leave a comment and tell me, and I will edit and give you credit!

Eneko out!