OtakuOni: Chapter Fourteen

Chapter 14: Goodbye

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“Amore! Chero! Chero!” a voice called, “Wake up!”

Chero groaned and slowly opened her eyes. Dino was leaning over her. When he saw her awake he smiled.

“You’re awake. Va Bene! Are you alright?” he asked.

Chero looked around confused, but nodded slowly, “W-what happened to me?”

She stood up quickly, Dino hurried to steady her. They were on the first floor in the Japanese style room.

“Are you hurt?” Dino asked.

“I’m not…My journal! It went awry all of a sudden! And then…umm…” Chero said.

“Mi dispiace, amore. I don’t really get it either. I remember being surrounded by a lot of the enemy, but not the journal going awry….?”

“What? You don’t remember, Dino? After I shouted, “Make me disappear somewhere!” you ran over to me, and grabbed my hand,” Chero explained.

Dino frowned, “What? Wait a minute…Did you really say, “Make me disappear somewhere”?”

Chero smiled at Dino, “Don’t get what I said wrong! I didn’t want to die. I just wanted to leave so the monsters would stop attacking. The fact that we are hear means that we did indeed disappear from there, right?”

“Mm…You do have a point…but my memories besides being attacked by the enemy are fuzzy…Where are the others?”

“Oh! That’s right! The others will still be fighting. What are we going to do?!” Chero panicked.

“Let’s head back. We can clear a path from the outside. If we clear a path…at the very least everyone can retreat,” Dino suggested.


Dino took Chero’s hand and led the way from the Japanese room into the hall.