Hi this is where I post updates and real life stuff.

What I have been up to

I get up eat and watch tv go on the computer play.
World of Warcraft or star wars the old republic.
Watch anime on crunchy roll sometimes watch Netflix.
Watch English dubbed on anime tube unlimited or universal anime.
Or anime pro I watch movies on cine box movies and tv series.
Currently watching boss baby a little at a time and also.
Watching dr strange the movie not the cartoon one.
I sometimes live stream swtor and wow legion.
I have a referral link for free in game items.
On my twitch with my discord channel and amazon wish list.
And my goldmine link for the g2a site that has cheap games.
I got the pokemon go tcha wristband from eBay didn't get to.
Use it is dead I plugged it into the computer and to the poke ball charger.
And on my phone charger and it still is dead I saw where a local store.
Has it now so if the eBay seller won't send me a replacement I can get it there.
I have a link on my twitch tv account for donations but no one ever donates.
I need more viewers so I can get my subscribe button on my channel on.
Twitch tv check out my stream if time allows today later after.
The hair appointment my mom sucked me into is done and I get done.
With pokemon go for the day I may live stream on twitch tv.