Hello and welcome to Keba's Anime and Manga Place (KAAMP for short)! Here at KAAMP, I write about anime and manga that I have seen/read as well as my views on them. I'll also post about my original stories from time to time.

Just beware that some of my posts contain spoilers. I'll put them in spoiler tags just in case.

KAAMP's history: KAAMP was created in July 2002 by yours truly. It was a sloppy-looking website on Yahoo's now defunct Geocities. I posted my anime fan art on that site. Also, for a time, I posted my thoughts on the few anime series that I had seen. Now that I look back on it, my thoughts were rather ill-informed (is that even a word?) because I had only seen bits and pieces of anime dubs. Now that I've seen more series, I think that my commentary on various anime will be a little better than before.

So, come on in and stay awhile! KAAMP is now in session.

First Post of the New Year...

...Or so to speak. Can you believe I haven't updated this blog since last December?

To be honest, I haven't done a lot of drawing recently. I hope OCtober can light a fire under me. That, and I gotta work on my entry for the "Sing Me a Story" Challenge.

I'm not sure what to do this year for OCtober. I want to do something, whether it be writing or drawing. A lot of my OCs need to be redesigned. I should make the "Rebels" characters look less like Poke-mutants, and Jon from Destination needs to look a lot less like his namesake (not to mention a better-looking outfit-- I have no fashion sense, and it shows when you look at my OCs).

I actually wrote a little bit of Destination-- about half a chapter-- but somehow it got overwritten by an older file or deleted or something. In any case, it's gone. Kinda annoyed by that, especially since it was a fight scene. Then again, there was one part I wanted to change from that fight scene to make it more plausible.

Not sure what else to say besides that I've been watching a heck-ton of anime. I'm even getting into seasonal anime as they air, which I haven't done in the longest time. Some of the shows I've picked up recently are the new Fruits Basket, My Hero Academia, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Magia Record, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. I'm also pumped for season 2 of Yashahime.

Well that wraps it up for this entry. Please leave comments and subscribe. I want to know what you're thinking of for OCtober.

Showing Off

Here's some artwork of my OCs that other people drew. I just wanted to show my appreciation to the artists. Conus vs. Pikachu by kita mikichi ...

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Secret Santa 2020 Wishlist

I'm just copying and pasting the same thing over and over again. Here's a list of 10 anime and all my OCs.

External Image External ImageExternal ImageExternal Image
External Image
Since I already got my Death Note, Attack on Titan, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, and Assassination Classroom wishes, I won't be asking for those.

The Manga and Anime

In no particular order...

Fullmetal Alchemist I'm just that predictable. I prefer the manga/Brotherhood continuity. If you didn't know by now, I'm a total Greed fangirl. I also like Alphonse. Heck, any of the characters would be fine, since I like almost all of them on some level.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica I watched the series and the movies. I'm not sure which girl is my favorite, so I guess Madoka herself is a safe bet. Really, I'd be fine with any of the magical girl characters.

Fruits Basket The reboot gives me so many feelings! My request is for any of the Zodiac members, either in human or animal form. Or you could draw one of them with Tohru.

Magi I've seen both seasons, and I'm reading the manga, but I haven't gotten to manga-only territory yet. My favorite character is Alibaba, but all of the main characters are so likable that I'd be happy with one or more of them, too.

Spice and Wolf I've seen both seasons of the anime, but I haven't read the light novels or manga. My favorite character is Holo, but I like Lawrence a lot, too. If you like, you can draw some cute fluff with them together (hint, hint).

Gurren Lagann It's been some time since I've seen it, but my memories of it are vivid. I can't decide on a favorite, so any of the main characters will do.

The Seven Deadly Sins I only watched one season, but I have completed the manga. My favorite characters are Diane, Ban, and King (not necessarily in that order). From what I hear, Diane's birthday is supposed to be on December 24 (a day before mine). Also Ban x Elaine makes me melt with happiness.

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden I haven't watched it in some time; I kind of paused it right when they're gearing up for the war. I don't really care about spoilers with Naruto because the plot's been ruined for me several times over. I'll go with any of the young 12 Leaf ninja.

Inuyasha After putting in way too many hours, I finially finished. Shippou and Sango are my favorite characters. Really, anyone from Kagome's party is fine by me.

My Hero Academia I watched all of the anime so far, but I haven't read the manga at all. My favorite character is Izuku. I also like All Might and Ochako. Heck, I'd be happy with most any character (except for that sticky, pervy, grape boy who I hope bleeds to death).

The Original Characters

I'm just linking pictures. You can find out about the characters in the picture descriptions. You can read the stories here. (Just note that this world is for Subscribers only.)
Additional information (and some silliness) can be found here.
Other artists' interpretations of my characters are here.

From Survival Instincts:
[Naomi] [Marshall] [Dice] [All three]

From Destination:
[Keba] [Jon] [Both of them] [Rakusa]

From The Rebels of Planet Aadau:
[All the protagonists] [Meh-Eh-Au] [Conus] [Most of the cast]

If you want other pictures of my OCs, you can poke around my Portfolio, too. I just linked the ones that I thought were the best.

Final notes: I don't actually celebrate Christmas. I'm just doing the SS because my birthday falls on Christmas. So please don't add anything religious. Also, please follow theO's rules, meaning: keep it safe for work.

If you plan on making a Wallpaper, my screen dimensions are 1920 x 1080.

Thanks in advance, S.S.! I'm excited to see what you come up with. ^_^

I Have Decided!


1. I draw your OC and you draw mine.
2. One (1) drawing per person.
3. No deadlines.
4. First come, first served.

Honestly, I'm not picky about which OC of mine you draw. If you want me to draw a specific OC, let me know. Also please provide references.

References of my OCs:

From Survival Instincts:
[Naomi] [Marshall] [Dice] [All three]

From Destination:
[Keba] [Jon] [Both of them] [Rakusa]

From The Rebels of Planet Aadau:
[All the protagonists] [Meh-Eh-Au] [Conus] [Most of the cast]

If you want other pictures of my OCs, you can poke around my Portfolio, too. I just linked the ones that I thought were the best.

I Wish October Would Hurry Up & Get Here!

You might be wondering why I'm feeling impatient about October. Then again, you might not be. But I'm going to tell you anyway.

Some of you know of October as the month when all those drawing prompts come out. Personally, I'm looking forward to OC October (or OCtober as some call it). While I don't plan on doing prompts, I do want to spend time developing my neglected OC babies. I haven't decided on whether to draw them, write their stories, or some combination. I just want to celebrate them.

Another idea I was kicking around was OC art trades. I haven't done much art this year due to lack of ideas, but I think drawing other people's characters might get me back into the swing of things. If I decide to do that, I'll make a separate post for sign ups. Right now, I'm just going to put out feelers in case anyone else is interested. So... anyone interested?